Here Are the Best Stocks to Start Your Week

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Of course, when I'm not streaming, I'm wearing my Executive Producer "hat," running America's No. 1 live daily trading show. That's how I arranged for Shah Gilani to make an appearance.

Shah talked stocks - lots of stocks - during Volume Profile Specialist Olivia "Voz" Voznenko's show. In fact, he went on what I can only describe as a "ticker blitz," firing off his favorite names in the market right now, stock after stock, for something like five minutes straight.

The man has his eye on many quality stocks; I hadn't seen anything quite like it.

Shah was talking electric vehicles, minerals, the hidden value in Chinese stocks - you name it, he covered it. A ticker blitz has to be seen to be believed - and you definitely want to see this.

Just grab something to write with, and be prepared to hit your brokerage fast...

And, because there's no such thing as too much Shah, I've teed up another, very special interview with him you don't want to miss.

He sat down for a nice chat with our publisher... and ended up blowing the lid off perhaps the best-kept secret in the market. So secret, in fact, that one Wall Street firm out-and-out banned its brokers from offering it to customers. It's a rare class of stocks you never hear about, but which are producing the biggest gains in the market today. Top performers have seen an exceptional 2,953%... 4,801%... 12,754%... even 22,207% in less than a year. Catch Shah's interview and find out what this is all about right here...

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