Four Cheap Cannabis Stocks to Buy Before Pennsylvania Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

We've seen time and again that you don't necessarily need a fully legalized cannabis market to take down big profits... but the profits are undeniably bigger when medical and recreational marijuana are both on the table.

Medical marijuana is legal in the vast majority of U.S. states, but full legalization - I mean medical and recreational cannabis usage - is a fact in 18 states, and another nine districts, tribal nations, and territories.

I think Pennsylvania is going to be the next state to open its arms and embrace a recreational, adult-use cannabis policy.

Now, Pennsylvania was already one of the hottest up-and-coming medical cannabis markets in the country; Keystone State cannabis users will have generated $1 billion in sales by the end of this year.

But this month, 73% of voters in Philadelphia - America's sixth-largest city - approved a referendum on legalization, sending a clear message to state lawmakers: Legalize adult-use, recreational cannabis now... or else.

And at least some lawmakers are listening; a bipartisan legalization bill is working its way through the state legislature.

Forward-looking voters and lawmakers see what you and I do: increased tax revenues for schools and infrastructure, easing the burden on the justice system, a huge economic boost, and sky-high profit potential.

They see what's happened in places like Illinois and Michigan, where revenue tripled and quadrupled after passing recreational use laws. Starting at $1 billion, Pennsylvania could see medical and recreational sales hit $3 billion before long. State tax coffers will realize a big boost.

Know what else I see? Four companies that are uniquely positioned to either enter the Pennsylvania market at a 45-degree angle or leverage their current presence in the Keystone State to pull far ahead of the market.

These are all very inexpensive stocks right now, and I'm going to name all four in this five-minute video...

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