GameStop Stock (GME) Up With News of NFT Marketplace Launch

GameStop (NYSE: GME) stock closed today at $140.62, up 7.32% from yesterday's close of $131.03 per share.

What is GameStop?

GameStop is a video game and entertainment software retailer that sells games, consoles, electronic accessories, and merchandise. The company was initially founded in 1984 and grew into a major player in the gaming industry before losing marketshare to online shopping, downloaded games, and the pandemic.

GameStop (GME) rose to fame again as a "meme stock" after Redditors took interest in January 2021.

Why Are Investors Interested in GameStop (GME) Stock?

GameStop now has the ability to capitalize on the incredible attention it's received from Wall Street - and the buckets of cash it's received from its investor-fans. Could this bring new life to the brand everyone expected to fade away? Time will tell.

GameStop Stock Is Only the Beginning

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