How to Find the Best NFT Marketplace – Here’s the Answer

Humor me with a little trivia: In December 2020, there were barely a million "Where to buy NFT" searches on a certain gigantic search engine with a colorful, six-letter logo. A little over a year (and $7 billion or so) later, search volume has grown a hundredfold.

Clearly, investors are getting hip to the immense profit potential - and other rewards - NFTs can bring. Trouble is, so many of them will hit dead ends, or worse, in their quest to get their hands on the most valuable pieces.

Why? Because a Google search on "where to buy NFTs" brings up hundreds of articles on everything from OpenSea to Rarible to Mintable and on and on. Most of that information's useless.

So, I'm gonna tell you the place to start. I'll name one of my favorite non-fungible token (NFT) projects and give you a peek at my own personal collection, too.

Make This Your First Stop for Great NFTs

I take a look at about five projects a day - there are more, five is a pretty manageable number. I do that over at Nifty Gateway. There are others, like I said, but as for me, Nifty Gateway is it; it's my preferred NFT marketplace and storage "vault."

Nifty Gateway has been around since 2018, and it's been acquired by the Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss of Facebook fame. The Winklevoss twins have backed crypto and the blockchain pretty much since "Pizza Day" back in 2010, and they do that by and large with their Gemini (get it?) Trust regulated crypto business.

Nifty Gateway, which has a partnership with auction mega-house Sotheby's, has handled some of the biggest, most explosive NFT artists around, like Beeple for one. His "First 5,000 Days" piece sold for a tidy $69 million last summer. You can also find work from artists like LOGIK and a lot more there.

And, just to put my money where my mouth is, as promised, here's a look at my some of my own personal collection of NFTs over at Nifty Gateway.

NFTs might be one of the most rewarding blockchain products around right now; even if you don't find an outstanding investment, chances are you'll find something that speaks to you - I think that's worth a lot, too. There's something for every taste.

I've made a three-minute video that'll walk you through some more details on Nifty Gateway to help get you started, and I'll show you some more of my favorite investment-potential NFTs.

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So, I'm obviously really passionate about NFTs. I think these investments will only get more and more important as investors move beyond stocks and "traditional" assets and into alternative, digital realms. My team and I are putting the finishing touches on some NFT and token research that could well blow the lid off this market and bring in everybody and their grandmother.

But of course, the premier digital asset right now is cryptocurrency - something I firmly believe every investor needs to be exposed to. And I'm not just talking about Bitcoin. My colleague and fellow alternative-asset fanatic, Tom Gentile, has got two tiny coins "locked and loaded" right now. These tokens are based on a technology I think is light years ahead of where Bitcoin is right now, and that's part of the reason why we expect these could actually 10X Bitcoin's performance over 2022 and beyond. Check this out...

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