Intel Stock Rises With Plan to Build Semiconductor Factory

Intel (INTC) stock closed today at $55.70, up 1.38% from yesterday's close of $54.94 per share. This is following recent news that the company is planning a massive new semiconductor factory in Ohio.

What Is Intel?

Intel logoIntel is a leading provider of innovative cloud computing, data centers, Internet of Things, PC solutions, and semiconductors. Their technologies are powering the smart and connected digital world we live in.

Why Are Investors Interested in Intel (INTC) Stock?

Intel Corp. is a favorite for semiconductor stocks. As the world's largest chip company by revenue, Intel is America's "ace in the hole" in the high-performance semiconductor race. A long history of innovation in semiconductors has put the company miles ahead of the competition, but lately, its INTC stock has lagged due to Apple's decision to ditch Intel chips for some of its most popular products. How much will this affect Intel's race to the top of semiconductor manufacturing? Only time will tell.

Intel Is Only the Beginning

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