Move In and Buy This Crypto Immediately

This week, I've got a coin on my radar that I think every single crypto investor needs to be in.

There's an incredible opportunity to buy right now, of course, but there's a way investors can earn "interest" of a sort on this token, too.

We all know interest rates in dollars are "down," to put it politely; banks will offer you anywhere from a paltry 0.03% to a somehow-even-worse 0.09%.

Well, this particular coin, should you choose to put it to work, can earn you an annualized 773.8%. (Yeah, that decimal point is in the right place - I said "seven hundred seventy-three point eight percent.")

And that's over and above what I think are going to be very nice gains on the coin itself in the near future.

Check out the video below for the ticker...

In case you still need the tickers, you want LooksRare (LOOKS) for the buy.

This token is part of what I call the "other" crypto market. I'm talking about the microcurrencies - not Bitcoin and Ethereum. Yes, top insiders are saying Bitcoin could rally to $100,000 this year, but the gains potential in the microcurrencies could make BTC and ETH gains look positively tiny by comparison.

I'm talking potential gains of 75 to one, 211 to one... even 5,567 to one. This new class of game-changing cryptos is set to skyrocket, and we have all the details on them here...

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