Crypto Q&A: More of Your Toughest Coin Questions Answered

A few weeks back, my crypto-colleague Tom Gentile came to you and asked you to send in your biggest, most urgent, toughest, and even most embarrassing crypto questions.

The response was overwhelming - dozens and dozens of replies. Not surprising - lots of new investors are in crypto to make serious wealth. One of my viewers, Eric, says he pocketed a 700% gain on one of my recommendations.

Either way, you don't waltz into crypto blindly.

Anyway, call me a glutton for punishment, but I asked my editors if I could take a crack at a Q&A round - over and above my usual "Office Hours" over at Alternative Wealth Daily.

The response was, you guessed it, overwhelming...

"I have a couple hundred to invest in cryptocurrency but I have no idea where to start - can you help? Thanks!"

"What do you think are the best passive income opportunities in crypto?"

"What is the best way to 'cash out' some crypto to deposit in your standard bank account?"

Those are just a few of them. I've got the answers to all those crypto questions and more, right here...

There's another question I didn't get to here: "I'm looking for a 10X edge - what coins out there might have the juice to beat Bitcoin's 12-month profit potential?"

The answer: Two small coins, "locked and loaded" right now, based on a technology that makes BTC look like a horse and buggy. We think these small "microcurrencies," that cost a fraction of the price of other major cryptos, have what it takes to conceivably wipe the floor with Bitcoin ten times over in the next year or so. You can get the details here...

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