Three Stocks: Arm Holdings, Nano Nuclear Energy, and Meta

Arm Holdings

Arm Holding (ARM) shares are breaking to new highs as the semiconductor sector continues to benefit from NVIDIA (NVDA)’s relative weakness.

There has been a notable diversification among semiconductor stocks over the last week as investors have clearly been taking profits in sector leader NVIDIA and redeploying those assets into other companies like Arm Holdings, Broadcom and to some degree Intel (INTC).

On a sidenote, Intel shares rallied more than 3% today, fortifying the potential for long-term support at $30 to help attract investors to this potential “turnaround” story.

Arm Holdings move pushed the stock into new all-time high territory, a list that is getting long among technology companies, especially those connected to the AI industry.

Arm Holdings will announce earnings on July31.

Last quarter, the company beat earnings per share and revenue expectations.  In addition, Arm Holdings raised both earnings and revenue guidance for the current quarter.

Expect that to drive another “buy the rumor” rally on the stock.  Last quarter, Arm Holdings saw a 15% rally ahead of its earnings.

Target a move to $150 ahead of the company’s earnings.

ARM Price Chart

Nano Nuclear Energy

After a short-term consolidation and a drop in volume, Nano Nuclear Energy (NNE) shares are moving more than `15% higher today.

The move comes on increased volume on renewed speculation that the developer of

Last week, Nano Nuclear Energy announced a collaboration with Curio Solutions to optimize Curio's nuclear fuel recycling capabilities for Nano Nuclear's next-generation portable nuclear microreactors which are in the development phase.

Nano Nuclear Energy’s shares are 247% higher over the last month’s trading as the stock has become part of a small group of companies working to provide clean energy alternatives through developments in nuclear power.

The stock has seen a healthy 30% pullback since hitting its highs of $37.51 on June 25.

The pullback in share price saw a consolidation at $25 that may provide a short-term bottom for shares as speculators move in to buy the dip in this new company.

Watch for a break above $30 to trigger another FOMO style rally that is likely to target a price of $50 for Nano Nuclear Energy shares.

NNE Stock Price


Meta (META) shares jumped 5% on Friday on increased volume trading as the stock looks to break into a strong breakout rally.

Having traded in a tight trading range for the last month, just above $500, the stock is now breaking to new highs as investors start to eye large cap technology stocks ahead of the beginning of earnings season next week.

Last quarter, Meta’s earnings results beat analyst’s expectations by a wide margin, but the company’s forward-looking guidance failed to impress investors as the company set expectations at the lower end of Wall Street’s range.

In addition , Meta announced that they were increasing capital expenditures, a combination that reminded investors of the company’s heavy spending on the Metaverse just years ago.

Since that earnings report, Meta has announced some job reductions along with a streamlining of products, improving sentiment towards the stock and erasing April’s losses.

Today’s move shifts Meta’s 50-day moving average into a bullish trend just in time to spark a “buy the rumor” drive higher.

Investors should set eyes on a $570 target ahead of the company’s earnings report on July 31.

META Price Chart