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The "Retail Ice Age" Investment Strategy That Everyone Is Missing

Everyone shops – but thanks to the Internet, where and how we shop has changed in ways that none of us ever imagined. And our shopping habits aren't the only thing that's changed. For one, the retail landscape is already littered with the corpses of recently deceased companies, including… Sports Authority Vestis Retail Group (operator […]

America's "Walking Dead" Retailers Are About to Make You Rich

Ask yourself… When was the last time you were in a mall? When was the last time you went to the mall as your first choice? There are over 1,200 shopping malls in America today. That number will be slashed by at least 25% in the next decade, and the retailers who depend on that […]

We're Seeking Maximum Profits From the "IPO Icebreakers"

Let's face it: It's been a lousy stretch for initial public offerings (IPOs). The so-called "IPO Window" has been all but shut (and shuttered) since mid-December. And the performance of existing IPO companies has been downright terrible: 70% of the companies that went public last year are now trading below their IPO price. That horrific […]

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Rallies on New ECB Stimulus

By GARRETT BALDWIN, Economist, Money Morning | March 10, 2016 The world is going back down the rabbit hole with monetary policy experimentation, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is reacting today. The European Central Bank announced more jaw-dropping stimulus efforts to boost the stagnating Eurozone economy instead of pursuing badly needed structural reform. Never […]


2015 Silver Price Forecast

The 2015 silver price forecast is even more critical than past years', as the metal has toyed with a rebound for months… While silver prices typically follow in gold's footsteps, silver has fared worse than gold recently. Gold is down 37% since it peaked at $1,900 in 2011. Silver has shed 67% since topping at […]

All the Alibaba IPO Information You Need: Price, Valuation, Ticker and More

We're just hours away from the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) IPO, a deal that could be the largest initial public offering in history. Alibaba stock will begin trading on Friday morning (Sept. 19) after months of intense media coverage. Here's all the Alibaba IPO info you need to know before BABA stock hits […]

Build Your Nest Egg Faster with These Retirement Income "Multipliers"

Imagine you bought Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) stock in 1995. With a modest $10,000 investment, you would be sitting on about $97,199 right now. That's great – but what if you had reinvested your cash dividends? The result is impressive… You would have roughly $129,162 today – 33% more and a 1,191% increase from […]

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How to Buy Cryptocurrencies

In the early days when Bitcoin was the only digital currency of note, to obtain cryptocurrency, you had to mine it. However, times have changed, and there are now many options for buying crypto, like online exchanges, Bitcoin ATMs, and peer-to-peer trading. As the cryptocurrency market has expanded, so too have crypto terms. The following […]

The 7 Must Have Stocks to Buy Now

Click to View as PDF The simplest strategy for amassing wealth and building a rock-solid retirement portfolio is to buy stock in excellent companies and hold them for the long haul. Whether you’re looking to add to your portfolio or are just getting started, our list of the best stocks to buy now will help […]

The 7 Best Stocks You've Never Heard Of

Click to View as PDF It pays to be first. Investors who bought Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) in 1999, when it was trading for a split-adjusted $50 a share, are up over 5,000% today. Even a tiny stake in Amazon then, way before it jumped to the $3,200 per share price tag it has now, […]