More than 50 U.S. Cities at Risk for Potential Zika Outbreak


If you’ve been following the news on the Zika virus (and it’s kind of hard not to), then you know that more and more cases are being reported all over the United States.

Just this week officials announced a total of 21 people infected by the Zika outbreak  near Miami, Florida, with four new cases acquired locally.

A few days before that the Illinois Dept. of Public Health said that three pregnant women are among the 46 confirmed Zika virus cases across the state.

With new cases being announced almost daily, forecasters are now turning to a government map for potential Zika “hot zones”.

What it shows is startling, with what we estimate to be more than 100 million Americans at some risk of exposure during peak mosquito months like August and September.

However, the most interesting part of the story isn’t how far or fast the Zika virus might spread, it’s the ground-zero location for a new treatment.

In a shocking move, the FDA has announced a Zika treatment that’s being rapidly deployed to all corners of the country.

Take a few moments to watch it below and see for yourself…