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How to Buy Bitcoins

More and more investors want to know how to buy bitcoins as its reputation as a kind of "digital gold" grows.

Bitcoin has proven itself a terrific investment over the past two years, rising 123% in 2016 alone. And current Bitcoin price predictions foresee increases ranging from $10,000 to as high as $1 million over the next decade.

With gains like that, even a modest investment could turn into a fortune.

Here's how to get started...


Should I Open a Bitcoin IRA?

More investors will be asking "Should I open a Bitcoin IRA?" as the cryptocurrency's value continues to soar.

Bitcoin IRAs were made possible in 2014 by an IRS ruling. But the 123% rise in the price of Bitcoin last year has drawn attention to it as an alternative investment.

While a Bitcoin IRA has a lot in common with other IRAs, there are a few caveats.

Here's everything you need to know...


The First Bitcoin ETF Could Win Approval in March Despite Long Odds

The SEC has plenty of reasons not to approve the first Bitcoin ETF by next month's deadline. But there's a good chance the agency will surprise everyone and make the first Bitcoin ETF a reality.

Most analysts believe the SEC will turn down the three active bids to become the first Bitcoin ETF, which includes the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust.

But they're overlooking several factors that could sway the SEC to give a Bitcoin ETF the green light...


Why Is the Bitcoin Price Rising Past $1,000?

With a 30% gain in December alone and a sudden jump past $1,000, the question "why is the Bitcoin price rising?" is suddenly on many minds.

The Bitcoin price leapt 123% in 2016, making it by far the best-performing asset of the year. The price of Bitcoin has been on fire lately because of multiple catalysts.

Here's why Bitcoin soared past $1,000 - and why it will go higher in 2017...


Bitcoin Price Predictions and 2017 Forecasts from 11 Top Influencers

With Bitcoin coming off a strong showing in 2016, several key influencers in the digital currency community have put forward very optimistic Bitcoin price predictions.

To get a sense of where Bitcoin stands heading into 2017, Money Morning asked nearly a dozen top members of the Bitcoin community what they expected from 2017.

That includes their Bitcoin price predictions.

Some of these Bitcoin forecasts are well in excess of $1,000...


A Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Guide for Investors

As the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF enters the final stages of the SEC approval process, investors will be wondering how it will work and whether it's right for them.

This Money Morning guide to the Winklevoss ETF – formally known as the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust – is intended to answer all the questions investors may have.

We even tell you whether it's a good buy or not...


Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF Update This Week Could Help SEC Approval

As the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF enters the home stretch in its bid for SEC approval, its latest filing shows it's doing all it can to convince the agency that its ETF will be a safe investing vehicle.

The latest amendment to the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust's S-1 filing reveals that it has enlisted two respected partners, financial services company State Street Corp. and accounting firm Burr Pilger Mayer.

The changes in the Winklevoss ETF also had several answers for its critics...


Why the Needham Bitcoin Price Prediction Got a 29% Bump to $848

Just six months after its last Bitcoin price prediction, Needham & Co. has revised its estimate upward to $848.

The last report proved prescient, as it set a target of $655 when the price of Bitcoin was just $415.

Needham was impressed by several changes it saw in Bitcoin since March.

Here's why Needham sees so much potential in the Bitcoin price in the months and years ahead...


Why the First Bitcoin ETF Could Double the Price of Bitcoin

When the first Bitcoin ETF lands – an event that could happen any day now – it will have a dramatic impact on the price of Bitcoin.

The arrival of the first Bitcoin ETF will be a powerful Bitcoin price catalyst because it will mimic other commodity-based ETFs, particularly those based on gold and silver.

Those ETFs were primary factors in the steep rise in gold and silver prices a decade ago.

Here's why a Bitcoin ETF will have the same effect...


Investing in Bitcoin Can Protect Your Money from Today's Biggest Threats

While investing in Bitcoin was on the minds of just a brave few a couple of years ago, now it's a safe-haven option retail investors no longer can afford to overlook.

Money Morning expert Michael A. Robinson likes to call Bitcoin "digital gold" because it can play an investing role similar to that of the yellow metal.

But Bitcoin investing has advantages that even gold lacks...