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Conspiracy & Corruption


FBI Recruits U.S. Educators to Inform on Your Child's Political Affiliations

The FBI wants to study your child's behavior to assess his or her risk of becoming a domestic terrorist.

And it's asking school administrators for help.

Here's what the agency is looking for...


Dealergate: Did the Obama Admin Target GOP Auto Dealers in the 2009 Bailout?

As the "Dealergate" conspiracy theory goes, the White House overstepped its bounds in the 2009 auto bailout to shut down GOP car dealerships.

Here's a look at how this conspiracy spread like wildfire from the net to the media to the White House.

And how part of it is still alive and well today in U.S. Federal Court...


3 Shocking Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories That Remain Unsolved

As one Denver airport conspiracy theory goes – the international hub is really a secret bunker unit for the government's elite.

Also, it's a propaganda gallery for Nazi-themed artwork.

Here's a look at the many "alleged" uses of and theories about the famed Denver International Airport...


The Biggest Obamacare Conspiracy Theory of 2015

On June 25, the biggest Obamacare conspiracy theory to surface post-SCOTUS decision spread through right-wing media outlets.

It consisted of two key possibilities and one hard look at a wavering chief justice…

Here's what some believe prompted SCOTUS' pro-Affordable Care Act decision this past June...


What Happened to Government Transparency? All We See Is Illegal Stonewalling

In recent years, it's become easier for wrongdoers to get away with abusing their government-given power.

The Obama administration has made it increasingly difficult for federal watchdogs to obtain records, despite President Obama's assurances that his is the most transparent administration ever.

The stonewalling has disrupted at least 20 government investigations.

Here's what's been going on - and what will happen next...


Wasteful Government Spending: Walls That Melt in the Rain, Catfish Inspectors, and More

With a national debt of $18.4 trillion, you'd think that tracking down and eliminating wasteful government spending would be more of a U.S. priority.

In the tradition of retired Sen. Tom Coburn, two lawmakers, Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK, and Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, are now publishing examples of government waste.

Here are 11 hard-to-stomach instances of wasteful government spending...

Conspiracy Theories

The Vatican Bank and Nazi Gold: A Scandal Unsolved

What the public knows about the Vatican Bank and Nazi gold scandal is that it relies heavily upon survivor accounts and one mysterious document.

While the evidence leaves room for speculation, it is less easy to discount the untold millions in Nazi plunder that went missing after the fall of the Reich, a majority of which remains unaccounted for.

Have a look at the evidence that's available so far and decide for yourselves...

Conspiracy Theories

What Is Jade Helm? Here Are the Latest Scandals

What is Jade Helm? It's a question being asked by citizens across the country. It's a military exercise! It's a secret takeover! It's a bunch of death squads!

One thing's for sure: Jade Helm is the center of controversy right now.

Here are the latest scandals...

Conspiracy Theories

What Is Jade Helm, and Why Are People Worried About It?

It's a question on the minds of many Americans, especially Texans: What is Jade Helm? Is it a military exercise? Or is it something much more sinister than that?

Well, the government and the military say one thing, the people of Bastrop, Texas say something else entirely.

Here are the Jade Helm conspiracy theories everybody's talking about...

Wall Street

Don't Believe the Headlines – Big Banks Are Still Screwing You

When it comes to big banks' bad behavior and the fines they pay to settle "allegations" – which are actually civil charges and which would be criminal charges if applied to any other business or in any parallel universe – things aren't even close to what they seem.

Sure the headlines scream victory, at least monetary victory, for some ripped-off consumers, some hard-charging regulators, and our vaunted (NOT) Justice Department.

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