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Energy Investing

New Energy Profit Plays Will Stem from This Shifting "Balance"

There's a new wrinkle in the energy markets. It revolves around what I call the "energy balance," and it's changing fast.

Think of it as a rebalancing of what currently exists. As you might have guessed, Asia is already playing a big role.

These fundamental changes are intensifying, handing us new energy profit plays...

energy investing

Energy Sector Forecast: What to Expect After the Sell-Off

With the stock market now roaring back, investors are left to wonder whether the worst is behind us – or if there's more pain yet to come.

While every segment of the market felt the brunt of the sell-off, energy seemed to drop with a vengeance… but it didn't last for long. As the market bottomed out, energy stocks led the recovery, posting big advances.

Here's what the latest market gyrations tell us about the energy sector...

Energy Investing

The U.S. Oil Export Surge Is Coming

Something is now afoot in the Pacific Northwest that is going to change how we think about pricing oil – and this new wrinkle is going to provide a range of fantastic opportunities for investors.

It revolves around the prospect of U.S. oil exports and the changes that will be needed to make it all happen.

Here's what you need to know to profit from the coming surge in U.S. oil exports...

Energy Investing

These Coal Stocks Are Rising Thanks to New EPA Rules

A select group of coal stocks just got a boost from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA is requiring that all coal-fired generating facilities introduce sulfur scrubbers to decrease the amount of sulfur dioxide pollution entering the atmosphere, with the effect of encouraging the use of "dirtier" coal from the Illinois Basin at the expense of higher-grade Appalachian coal.

This is a great opportunity for investors - and here's one of the best ways to profit from this industry change.

Energy Investing

This Renewable Energy Source Could Be the Next Great Battleground over Fracking

Of all the renewable energy sources, geothermal power remains by far the smallest. But that may not prevent it from becoming the next energy "hot potato."

There are two problems quickly developing in this part of the energy spectrum.

And they are shaping up to create the newest controversy in the energy sector...


252 Million Years Ago, This Nearly Wiped Out All Life… Tomorrow, It Could Solve Our Energy Problems

During the height of the Deepwater Horizon tragedy four years ago, I had my graduate students monitor the flow of oil from the sunken platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most of their work involved rather straightforward calculations based on undersea camera footage.

But from time to time, flimsy protoplasmic-like structures would float across the screen. The students called them "ghosts."

One student even casually wondered, "What if the ghosts had caused all of this?"

With that, I walked over, checked some figures, and immediately called the U.S. Coast Guard contingent that was overseeing the data from the disaster.

Fast forward to today, and there have been some equally disquieting discoveries in the news of late.

So what do mysterious holes in the Siberian permafrost, hundreds of gas plumes off the East Coast of the United States, and our "ghosts" apparently have in common?

It seems to be icy methane hydrates, touted by some as the fuel of the future…

Energy Investing

It's the Lack of Energy That Shapes the World (and Moves the Markets)

As everyone remains focused on the price of crude, the wider energy market is headed for a serious shortfall.

In fact, in the course of my global work, it's impossible not to recognize there is a new energy crisis quickly developing in other parts of the world.

This is not a rising Armageddon, the end of the world as we know it, or some script for a survivalist thriller.

But it is another dramatic example of how the lack of energy shapes the world…

In this case, the supply of oil and gas is still adequate and trade is on the upswing. The rising problem has to do with energy availability.

In certain areas of the world, the generation and distribution of energy is beginning to morph into a bona fide crisis. In short, the infrastructure in place is simply not enough to reliably keep the lights on.

For investors, these shortfalls will provide significant opportunities to profit.

Let me explain…

Energy Investing

Why Investing in Solar Energy Is Attracting the Big Boys

Besides its environmental advantages, solar power has always had one great benefit: It's hyper local. Solar panels make it possible to generate electricity on-site, precisely where it's needed. Like a portable generator powered by the sun, solar energy promises power wherever the sun shines.

Energy Investing

Energy Investing: Why King Coal Is Bigger Than Oil or Gas

Energy Investing Update: Lost in the debate about exporting U.S. oil and natural gas is any mention of America's greatest energy export: coal.

And while legislators and environmentalists argue over pipelines, refineries, and trade agreements in the oil and natural gas industries, the United States sends tons of coal to eager customers all over the globe.

Coal usage is at a 45-year peak, and Europe and Asia will take every ounce we can export...

Energy stocks

Kinder Morgan (NYSE: KMI) Stock Rises as It Ditches MLP Structure to Make Energy Giant

Richard D. Kinder, the Houston billionaire behind the Kinder Morgan Inc. (NYSE: KMI) empire, announced late Sunday he is combining his pipeline offshoots under one roof. KMI stock soared on the news 15% intraday to a 52-week high of $42.49.

We have the full details of this massive energy deal...