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The Five Worst Blackouts in U.S. History

Here are the worst blackouts in U.S. history…

From a storm four decades ago that left 800,000 people stuck on the subway to 2012's derecho that left 22 dead...


How to Profit as D.C.'s Pork-Barrel Politics (and Spending) Go Global

Of course the Fed has pulled out all the stops to try and kick-start a modest 2% inflation rate. You see, governments don't just want inflation, they absolutely need it if they want to maintain even the faintest hope of managing their multitrillion-dollar debt burdens.

So far, nothing has worked… But, as I've said, and as recency bias shows, we're likely to be swamped with more inflation than anyone bargained for, courtesy of government spending.

That's because they're about to embark on a spending and money-printing spree of historic proportions.

This could make quantitative easing look like chump change. The entire world is going to be getting in on the action, led by the United States…

… and it's likely to happen no matter who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in January. Both Clinton and Trump are talking this up in a big way. It's the one thing they can actually agree on.

One thing no one is mentioning, however, is how this spending spree will act like rocket fuel to one stock I mentioned three months ago. It's already done about twice as well as the markets, and based on what I see coming, that's barely the start of the gains...


"The Rich" to Be Denied Tax Deductions on Drug-Test Fail, Under New Legislation

One U.S. congresswoman thinks drug testing the rich will save more taxpayer money than screening possible welfare recipients.

In fact, she's introducing a bill today that seeks to do just that...


Senate Dems Just Derailed Their Own $190 Million FBI Funding Amendment

Senate Democrats proposed a $190 million FBI funding amendment this morning.

But then they drove the spending discussions completely off course...


[BREAKING] Senate Democrats Echo Trump's Stance on Gun Control in Standing Filibuster

Senate Democrats are filibustering today until their Republican counterparts agree to legislation that sounds similar to Trump's stance on gun control…



White House to Admit a $1.7 Billion "Ransom Payment" to Iran?

New congressional legislation was just introduced, compelling the White House to disclose details about its billion-dollar payout to Iran in January.

Here's why Republican policymakers are pushing to know the truth behind the disbursement...


Paul Ryan vs. Mitch McConnell: Different Strategies Set Stage for a Clash

It's come down to Paul Ryan vs. Mitch McConnell in the congressional battle of spending bills this summer.

Who will win?

Or... will we all lose?


Eric Holder Now Describes Snowden's Data Dump as a "Public Service"

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has changed his tune on Edward Snowden's data dump three years ago.

He even went so far as to praise the whistleblower's illicit actions...


The Cost of Zika

The cost of Zika — the financial and human toll – is staggering.

Here's a breakdown of how much the U.S. will have to pay to fight the terrifying disease...


The Infamous Hacker Who May Help the FBI with the Hillary Clinton Email Probe

Though the Hillary Clinton FBI probe doesn't concern the federal charges against infamous hacker "Guccifer," there's a chance that could soon change.

Here's how the Romanian cyber-expert struck a deal with federal authorities…