The Next Iraqi Threat to the Oil Sector… It's Not What You're Expecting

If you still doubt that geopolitical heat can rattle the oil sector, then we strongly advise you to carefully watch the events that are about to play out.

Because matters are getting worse: U.S. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter called out the Iraqi military – during a high-profile TV interview no less – claiming it lacks the will to fight.

In turn, the main Iranian general condemned the U.S. for not acting to halt ISIS' advance soon enough. Here's how all of this will have a huge impact on crude oil stability and global prices...


Make a Killing on the Coming Energy "Debt Bubble"

Following some nice recent gains and despite a dip on Tuesday, the market currently remains at just below $60 a barrel for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures in New York. The recent rise in prices would seem to be just what the smaller operators in the United States need to avoid a sector […]

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Why the Crude Oil Price Today Is Down 2.1%

The crude oil price today (Friday) dropped below $60 in morning trading. The tumble erased most of Thursday’s gains and put oil prices on track for a weekly loss.

But today’s movement is just short-term volatility.

Here’s the biggest reason why prices will be in the $70 range by year’s end…


How Much Oil Does the U.S. Have Compared to Other Countries?

If one number summarizes the global oil market, it’s 93,002,710.

That’s how much oil was produced around the world every day in 2014. But how much oil does the U.S. have compared to the world’s top producers?

This chart shows how much the top 15 oil-producing countries generated in 2014…


What's the Plains All American Stock Price After the California Oil Spill?

The Plains All American stock price is moving this morning in the wake of a West Coast oil spill.

Late yesterday afternoon, emergency officials responded to a ruptured pipeline along the Santa Barbara County coast. It leaked nearly 21,000 gallons of oil.

Here's how Plains All American stock has trended recently...

Oil prices

5 Oil Conspiracy Theories That Seem Alarmingly Plausible

Here are five alarmingly plausible oil conspiracy theories that will have you convinced there's a war-for-oil going on.

In fact, one Wall Street Journal reporter knew so much that he mysteriously disappeared one morning, only to turn up dead a year later.

So have a read and tell us what you think...


This Crude Oil Price Chart Shows Where Futures Will Go in 2015

Oil prices have had a tumultuous week – but the volatility is only short term.

As this crude oil price chart shows, all major banks see prices rebounding. Some see oil surging to the mid-$70 range by Q4.

Here's where Morgan Stanley, Commerzbank, and others see WTI prices by the end of the year...


Why There’s Been So Much Uncertainty About Oil Prices This Week

The recent move in oil prices prompted the talking heads on TV to warn us the market is oversupplied, thereby driving prices down.

But now they will need to switch gears and “explain” why they are moving up.

Here's the real key to this wee's oil uncertainty...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Is at $61.11

The WTI crude oil price saw more gains today after the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported better-than-expected supply data.

Despite today's boost, oil prices have been volatile over the last week. But short-term volatility is to be expected.

Here's why oil will follow a strange yet upward trajectory...


Debunking the Newest Oil Price Myth

We've seen massive shifts in crude oil prices in recent weeks.

Of course, this has brought back some rather specious arguments by talking heads on TV and pundits spinning the next Armageddon scenario.

The latest is about how rising oil prices will prompt more volume to come online from a particular type of well (called DUCs), sending oil into another tailspin.

I'll deal with that in a minute but first let's address those pundits...

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