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Why the KMI Stock Price Will Keep Falling in 2016

The KMI stock price hit an all-time low of $15.73 a share on Tuesday.

The plunge came after the firm shocked Wall Street with a surprise announcement.

While some investors may see this as an opportunity to buy in at a discount, there's one reason why the KMI stock price will keep falling in 2016...


What Investors Need to Know About Solar and Renewables in 2016

Alternative energy, led by solar, is here to stay. We've reached a tipping point all over the world.
There's now a confluence of technology and economy that assures these new energy sources will continue to be adopted and improved upon – at ever-increasing rates, too.

Crude oil will continue to play a big role in the balance of the energy markets, but this year we'll see alternatives take an outsize position in the sector.

The profits will be just as big, too...


Why Crude Oil Prices Are Up Today

WTI crude oil prices today jumped higher after the EIA reported the first U.S. supply decline in 11 weeks.

Despite sporadic increases, supply will continue to draw down in 2016.

Here's more on what today's movement means for oil prices next year...


What Investors Need to Know About Oil Prices in 2016

Oil prices crashed through seven-year lows on Tuesday as the 2015 oil bear market looks set to continue into the new year.

But oil prices in 2016 are set to rise as several market forces shift.

Here's everything you need to know about oil prices in 2016.


Will Oil Prices Keep Falling in 2016?

Will oil prices keep falling?

That's the million-dollar question right now as oil hovers at its lowest level since February 2009.

Here's where oil prices are headed in 2016...


Why WTI Crude Oil Prices Are Tanking Today

The WTI crude oil prices fell today because an appreciating dollar is making importing oil more expensive.

But there was also a huge announcement by OPEC last week that is a major catalyst for crude oil prices.

Read on to find out more about why oil prices are down today and what OPEC's announcement really means.


What the OPEC Meeting 2015 Means for Prices Now

OPEC Meeting 2015: Oil officials from all 12 OPEC countries met at the Vienna headquarters today.

As expected, the meeting concluded in bitterness among members.

But here's why the meeting's outcome won't have a long-term effect on oil prices in 2016...


Why Are Oil Prices Dropping Today?

Energy investors are asking, "Why are oil prices dropping today?"

After all, WTI crude oil prices rallied 2.9% yesterday (Thursday) to settle just above $41 a barrel.

But a big announcement out of today's OPEC meeting could affect oil prices moving into 2016...


Why the OPEC Meeting Matters

With the 168th OPEC meeting on Friday, many people are wondering why the OPEC meeting matters.

After all, the last summit saw no major outcomes as the cartel decided to keep production unchanged.

But there are two reasons why this meeting could have a big impact on the 2016 oil market...


Why Today's Oil Price Is Down 2.5%

Today's oil price fell after the EIA reported ugly supply numbers for Thanksgiving week.

Oil stockpiles remain at 80-year highs and could surpass the 500 million mark by the end of 2015.

But there's a highly anticipated event this Friday that could have an even bigger impact on prices...