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One of the Best Defense Stocks to Buy Before Trump Takes Office

One of the best defense stocks to buy is about to receive a huge catalyst in the form of President-elect Trump.

This company is poised to be one of the largest beneficiaries of Trump's plan to increase military spending.

Here's why...


Why Cisco Deserves a C- This Quarter

From weak sales growth to massive job cuts, a lot's been happening with Cisco recently. And it's starting a restructuring effort, but Michael Robinson is not really optimistic.

Here's his full forecast and how to play the stock right now...


What You Need to Know About the "Trump" Stock Market

D.R. Barton covers the upcoming rate hikes, Trump's pick for Treasury, the Tesla-SolarCity merger, the biggest stocks news, and the newest Texas oil discovery.

Watch his full insight right here...


Will Healthcare Stocks Rise Under Trump?

Whether healthcare stocks rise under Donald Trump depends on how he carves up Obamacare.

To be sure, something will get done. Trump and the Republican Congress made it clear they would repeal and replace Obamacare if elected.

Assumptions about what Trump will do at first sent pharma stocks soaring and hospital stocks plunging. But the odds are high that Trump's changes won't be as drastic as feared.

Here's what reform will mean for healthcare stocks in 2017...


Is Staples Doomed for Bankruptcy in 2017? (SPLS)

Some analysts suspect Staples (SPLS) will soon go under after another round of dismal earnings.

But Money Morning's D.R. Barton offers a different perspective...


Peter Thiel Is Trump's Key to Unlocking Silicon Valley

President-elect Donald Trump just named Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel to his transitional team.

Thiel may be just who Trump needs to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Washington...

Global Markets

Global Stock Markets Mostly Firmer, While World Bond Yields Continue To Rise

World stock markets were mostly firmer overnight on a continuation of the "Trump rally" that began after last week's U.S. presidential election.

Banking stocks helped boost the European stock indexes, while an upbeat economic report from Japan supported Asian equities. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward mixed to slightly lower openings when the New York day session begins.

The U.S. Treasury bond and note markets continue to see their yields rise (prices fall) early this week.

Global Markets

Global Equity Markets See Slight Pullback After "Trump Rally"

Most world stock markets saw corrective pullbacks Friday, following the good gains seen in the wake of the U.S. presidential election. U.S. stock indexes are pointed toward weaker openings when the New York day session begins. The U.S. stock indexes late this week approached or hit new record highs on the "Trump rally."

Gold prices are lower Friday as the mid-week surge in the safe-haven metal following the Trump U.S. presidential race win has fizzled.


This Long-View Play Will Make You (and Your Grandchildren) Rich

It was easy to miss during this most recent election, but there were some "real" policy issues discussed from time to time. 

One of them was the deteriorating state of America's infrastructure. It's a pressing problem, huge in scope, and there's just no cheap or easy solution.

That's good news for investors who get in on this play right now, because this can't really be "kicked down the road" any further.

In fact, the problem (and the opportunity) is right outside my door today. And if it's not outside yours, chances are it's close.

Let me show you a few pictures to prove my point and spotlight this investment. They really drive home the scale of what I'm talking about...


Final Sum: Clinton Outspent Trump Over 2:1

With election 2016 over, Clinton outspent Trump by a factor of 2:1.

Here's how Trump won against his rival using far less money...