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No Matter What's Next, These Can Save You from Brexit

Market uncertainty still lingers, even after the gradual bounce back from the Brexit fallout.

That will keep markets volatile - but no matter what happens, these should be your next steps from here...

Global Markets

How to Profit from the New Post-Brexit Paradigm

Post-Brexit, everything's up in the air. But if you understand what the vote was about and how it's changed the world, you can make big trades.

Here's why - and how you can profit right now...

Trading Strategies

How to Increase Your Profits and Slash Your Losses on Every Trade

I've spent more than 30 years teaching a diverse group of people of all backgrounds and experience levels how to trade profitably, whether they're making a bid for extra income, or financing new purchases, or planning for retirement.

As different as all these folks are, there's one constant they have in common that consistently thwarts the otherwise totally promising trades they've got on.

Emotion… More than any source of volatility that can throw markets into a tailspin, emotion is the killer. It forces people to walk – no, make that run – away from generous upside, or sends them hurtling into the path of steep losses.

And it's all the more tragic because it simply doesn't have to happen. That's right: These events aren't inevitable fate, they're mistakes.

But the good news is there are two steps to take to make sure these kinds of mistakes never happen. Even if you've already fallen victim to emotion in your trades, there's no need to do it again.

This technique is as simple as it is effective...

Trading Strategies

Check This One Number Every Morning and Make More Profitable Trades

Not many traders check this little number in their lists of potential trades… but they sure ought to.

It's so powerful and useful that it can tell you how complex trends are forming – or falling apart. And it can get you on the right side of those trends, too, helping you get into (and out of) trades at the exact right time.

This number can even help you navigate your open positions. And since it's so often overlooked, you'll have a definite leg up on other, less well-informed traders out there.

News outlets like Yahoo! Finance and Google publish it every day, next to every available trade, for free.

There's not much to interpret, either. You'll be able to tell what you need to know right away… once you know what to look for.

Let me show you...

Trading Strategies

One Simple Way to Turn $5,000… into $1 Million a Year

Last month, I showed you how to get started and become fully invested – for life – with as little as $1,000, and then I showed you how you can do even better with only $5,000.

We've seen that simply getting into the market can be the most important investment decision you'll ever make.

So today I want to show you an investment tactic that's going to get you into "primo" stocks… without having to pay primo prices.

And even better, you'll never have to deal with a single broker (who'll charge you primo prices).

And best of all, these stocks, and the plan I'm going to show you to use with them, are going to boost your income like nothing else in this market will...

Trading Strategies

When It Comes to ETFs, Keep Your Eye on These Three Metrics

When it comes to ETFs, these three metrics can mean the difference between riches and financial ruin.

So let's break them down - here's how to evaluate exchange-traded funds for maximum profitability...

Trading Strategies

The Best Risk Management Plan for Bad Market News

As we wait for the Fed to make a decision about interest rates, we'll likely see more uncertainty in the markets.

But with this risk management plan, traders can prepare themselves for any market reaction - good or bad. It's shockingly easy to follow...

Trading Strategies

How to Profit Like a Pro Trader, in Two Places at Once

People feel like they must be chained to their computers and smartphones all day to trade effectively and safely.

That's a big Wall Street myth. There are three orders to use to take your life back, and boost your profits, too. Here's how to profit like a pro.

Trading Strategies

Make or Break Your Summer with This Investing Insight

Keith Fitz-Gerald sat down with us to give his best investing insight into the latest market developments he sees unfolding this summer and beyond.

With global markets in flux thanks to fears of everything from the Fed rate hike to the "Brexit" to increased terrorism, this is an interview no investor should miss.

Trading Strategies

Double Your Money on One-Tenth the Cost

One of the best options trading strategies lets you double your money while you cut your cost per trade.

Profits can come in as little as four weeks or less, and you get to control outsized positions in some of the biggest, hottest companies on the market... for pennies a share.