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U.S. Economy

Global Markets

World Leaders Will Use G20 to Whine About Donald Trump Instead of Fixing Economies

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew won't be quiet at the G20 Summit this weekend.

Not with Donald Trump as the GOP nominee.

In fact, we're expecting trash talk galore...


Why Marijuana Legalization Will Bring Massive Profits to Investors in 2016

With 25 states and Washington, D.C., on board, marijuana legalization is spreading like wildfire across the country.

Still, few investors understand the massive profit potential of the marijuana market.

Here are some numbers that will show you just how big this market will become by 2020...


One of the Market's Juiciest Takeover Targets Just Might Solve World Hunger, Too

By the time you're done reading this one sentence, roughly 20 people will have been born. In fact, around 200,000 new babies will have joined us by midnight tonight, mostly in the global East, where economic growth, along with the population, of course, is far outpacing that of the global West.

That's obviously a lot of hungry mouths to feed. The difference is that now, thanks to that economic growth, there's an increasing amount of wealth with which to buy food – and quality food, at that.

One thing that isn't increasing, however, is the amount of arable farmland on the planet. That's actually shrinking fast.

And so one of the world's most pressing challenges is the need to dramatically improve crop yields across every possible square foot. Solving this challenge is the single biggest focus in farming today.

The company I want to tell you about today is in the best possible position to profit as it helps meet the challenge head on.

The company is paying a $0.25 dividend on August 2, it's true, but there are some very good reasons why this company could be bought in the near future...


Why the Bill Clinton Economy "Boom" Is a Dangerous Myth

The Bill Clinton economy of the late 1990s is suddenly an issue in the 2016 campaign.

Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton has promised to put the former president in charge of the economy should she be elected.

The only trouble is, the magic of the Bill Clinton economy is a myth.

Here's why Bill Clinton had less to do with the 1990s economic boom than many think - and how he instead sowed the seeds of two stock market crashes...

Global Markets

Negative Interest Rates Are Still Dangerous Despite Japan's GDP Growth

The Japanese economy grew in Q1 2016, but negative interest rates could cause long-term issues for the world's third-largest economy.

You see, central banks are making dangerous assumptions about negative-interest-rate policies facilitating economic growth and recovery.

And if more countries adopt these short-sighted policies, we could be on the verge of an economic collapse. Here's why negative interest rates are so dangerous...


Washington's Agenda Shatters Another American Dream and Sets Up Savvy Investors for More Profits

Flawed economic policy is killing the American Dream and, with it, the retirement hopes of millions of investors. Thankfully, though, not yours.

Here's how the government's latest move actually makes way for bigger profits - and what to buy when you see it repeat the same mistakes...


Congress' Trillion-Dollar Budget Crisis No One Is Talking About

There's a looming budget crisis involving America's defense program – what's known as the "nuclear triad."

No one's talking about it.

But it's going to cost U.S. taxpayers big – as in "trillions of dollars" big.

Here's what you need to know about this unnecessary modernization and where all that money will likely go...


Why I'm Still Short Miners (and You Should Be Too)

The industrial commodities complex is riding the crest of this infernal "bear market rally." This is unlikely to last. I'm still bearish on the commodities, and with good reason.

Today I thought it would be worthwhile to check in on a few of the short plays I recommended on miners last year and put their "improved" status into perspective.

Spoiler alert: You'll want to buy puts on these...

Dow Jones

This Chart Proves the Stock Market Rebound Has Legs

The mainstream media would have you think last Friday was a nightmare. They're wrong.

In fact, the S&P 500's small loss for the day confirmed an uptrend that began Feb. 11. Today I'll show you why I'm so optimistic about a stock market rebound.

And I'll show you why - despite what the media wants you to believe - now is no time to be sitting on the sidelines. This chart proves it...


The Most Twisted Truths About the Economy in SOTU 2016

We fact checked U.S. President Barack Obama’s statements about the U.S. economy in his SOTU 2016 address Tuesday night.

The numbers simply don’t add up.

The president stretched the truth – and made a few convenient omissions – to bolster his claim that the economy has become more robust than ever under his tenure.

Find out how the actual numbers compare in our quick breakdown...