Andrew Keene


Three Short Squeeze Stocks to Watch This Week

Of course Wall Street didn’t learn anything from its expensive GameStop short squeeze meltdown.

There’s still big money out there shorting plenty of stocks.

When the short interest gets this high, it’s a sign that Wall Street’s too far out on a limb and is about to get caught in a short squeeze.

These situations can drive stocks sky-high… .



These Three Airlines Are Great Short-Squeeze Stocks

The spread of the delta variant has investors worried about 2020-style lockdowns making a comeback and battering the travel, leisure, and airline stocks that have fought so hard to come back this year.

Wall Street is selling airline stocks short to the tune of $4 billion – and counting.

Andrew Keene thinks Wall Street's making (another) bad bet, and big profits will follow when the Street has to cover those gigantic short positions…



Buy This U.S. EV Stock Before "Engine Bans" Kick In

The "writing's on the wall" for internal combustion engines, both here in the U.S. and around the world.

Emissions cuts targets by 2035 will add up to a de facto "ban" on gasoline-powered vehicles.

This is the final catalyst electric vehicle makers need to dethrone legacy automakers who can't see the big picture.

Andrew Keene likes this stock in particular…



Buy This $57 Stock Before the Market Realizes It's a Top EV Battery Stock

Plenty of investors have written off this old-school Detroit stock, thinking its best days were 50 years ago.

Well, after a string of record-breaking quarters, this company announced it was taking over the top spot in the EV battery space.

That's no wishful thinking, either; they're spending $35 billion and cementing the partnerships to make it happen.

Andrew Keene's got the ticker.