The Green Tragedy… and Red Momentum

Dear Fellow Expat: This morning’s CPI reading didn’t surprise anyone except for Paul Krugman. The embarrassing (but never embarrassed) economist has said over the last few months that inflation is falling. The same message goes for sycophants who are: Protecting their political asses. Doing all they can to deflect from the inflation they caused by […]

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The Oil Counter-narrative

Dear Fellow Expat: I’d prepared a screed on our Department of Energy. The incompetence at the top. The mismanagement of oil output in America. And how we’ll probably screw up what might be the largest global lithium deposit discovery. But that must wait until tomorrow. There’s something FAR more important… RIGHT NOW… As you know, […]

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Watch Out: The Lawyers and Lizards Just Might Win This Thing

Postcards from the florida republic: An independent and profitable state of mind. The United States is not a serious nation. If it were a business, you shouldn't invest. Last Friday, while you were buying hot dogs and hamburgers, preparing for a holiday to celebrate our independence, we experienced another bout of dirigisme – and a bid to choke […]

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We're in Uncharted Territory for Oil

The meeting in Vienna last week among OPEC members and their non-OPEC allies, OPEC plus, was intended to help nations reach an agreement on production cuts to extend past the current end date of April 1.

The concern is the spread of the coronavirus will drive down the price further as global economic demand slows. But Russia was not on board. And the Saudis' response to Russia's stance was to cut its price to Chinese customers, and plan to increase production by as much as 2 million barrels per day. That fallout then led to oil's massive 30% nosedive. And on Monday, oil's decline was literal fuel to the stock market fire, causing it to fall 7.79% in one day. Since Monday's losses, both oil and the stock market have recovered a bit. Oil is sitting at around $33 a barrel and stocks rallied at open.

But unless there's a resolution, we will be retesting the market lows that we experienced in 2015 and 2016, when oil dipped below $30 per barrel and we'll see a ripple effect through the economy that's going to have a parallel impact to the COVID-19 problems we already have. Here's Kent with the details...


This MLP Is a "Must Buy" - and It Pays 7%

The perfect stock is a combination of safety and growth. The MLP we're about to show you today is the perfect example of both.

Safety can be found with a dividend that will be likely paid no matter what the overall market is doing. We also want growth in terms of earnings acceleration that will be used to support and even increase the dividend.

It's a pretty simple formula. But where do we find stocks like that?

The answer is master limited partnerships (MLPs).

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Oil Stocks Are Getting a Lift After This Happened for the First Time in 70 Years

The latest estimate from the EIA is the latest in a string of historic breakthroughs for the

American oil industry. In fact, record-breaking production levels, explosive global demand,

and increasing instability plaguing rival producers are putting the nation on track to

become the world's most important oil producer…

And that's setting our top oil stock to buy for tremendous profits...


This Top MLP to Buy Pays a 6.8% Dividend Yield and Could Grow 117%

If you've been following us at Money Morning, you know it's no secret that we're huge

fans of MLPs. That's precisely why we're always looking for the top MLPs to buy. MLPs

are known for their excellent dividend payouts for income-seeking investors. So, today,

we've found one MLP that not only pays a great dividend yield of 6.8%, but it also has

some serious growth potential. In fact, it could explode 117% over the next 12 months…

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