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This Week’s Top Stock Pick Offers a Lot More Than Just Big Profits

Investors sure aren’t alone in thinking these are some strange times – and markets – we’re experiencing right now.

And with the risk of possible inflation looming overhead, you’ve got to adapt and learn how to still make money in such an environment.

So today, Chris has picked a stock that’ll bring clarity, security, and, best of all, profits to your portfolio… .



Get Into This Stock Before It Goes 20% Higher This Month

In any kind of market, short interest data can be used to determine where to “squeeze” profits from.

A higher level of short interest means more institutions are betting against the stock to fall.

But if it rallies higher, they’ll be forced to buy it back and cover their short positions at higher levels.

All you have to do is be there as they cover and bid up the stock, and you can make out like a bandit.

Today, Chris will show you how it’s done and share what this month’s richest target is….



Buy This Green Energy Stock Before It Gets to $35

Green energy is ripe with targets.

The sector has had a rough few weeks as investors rotated from "pandemic" mode into "recovery" mode.

But with renewable energy, over the long run, government policy priorities and simple economic reality are incredibly bullish for this sector.

And Chris has just the profitable play for you in this space…



Buy These Three Recovery Stocks for 100% in Gains This Spring

This current downturn means one thing: Recovery.

In fact, the market's worst week in is a great time to shuffle the portfolio and buy stocks.

And money is moving into recovery stocks by the billions.

Financials, energy, metals – those have been great lately, but today, Chris will show you how these three stocks offer the biggest, fastest profits….



My Charts Prove These Stocks Are "Screaming Buys" Now

For Chris, the most exciting earnings reports aren't the big guys.

Instead, you should turn your attention to the really juicy opportunities out there – smaller stocks that can make bigger moves and yield bigger payoffs.

And Chris is showing you two of them today.

All you have to do is buy the stocks, and pocket the profits….



How to Play GameStop Without Touching GameStop

A few other beaten-down, Redditor-controlled stocks aren't faring any better than GameStop.

But there's still money on the table here, so Chris recently found a "back door" trade for a fraction of the cost and risk of coming anywhere near these "radioactive" stocks and options… .



Here’s the Next GameStop-Style Short Squeeze

“Short interest” is a phrase you’ve likely heard a lot the past few days in regard to the GameStop drama.

Indeed, it’s information that gives you an extreme edge, and it’s one of Chris’ favorite indicators.

By using it, he’ll give you the names of 20 companies, any or all of which could be the next high-profit rocket ride….



A "Silver Cross" Means a Bull Run in These Two Stocks

A bull market run, whether you're talking about a stock, a sector, or the entire market, is a powerful thing to behold – and I've been through plenty in my career.

There's cautious buying at the start, testing the waters… then a breakout… a top-feeding frenzy explodes as the financial media goes bananas… and, best of all, profits stack up fast.

It's incredible; there's nothing quite like it.

But I'm here to tell you, it's even better when you're in it from the start. Nobody wants to hang back on the sidelines while stocks go ballistic, but if you wait too long, it might be too late. Or worse, you could end up losing money.

Of course, everyone wants to run the distance with the bulls. That can be easier said than done; a lot of regular investors don't have the data or systems to give them that all-important "Go!" signal.

Well I do, and today I'm going to share it with you. It's easy to spot, easy to use, and it'll help you profit from bullish runs from start to finish – that's performance a lot of investors can only dream about… Full Story

Well I do, and today I'm going to share it with you. It's easy to spot, easy to use, and it'll help you profit from bullish runs from start to finish - that's performance a lot of investors can only dream about...


How You Can Own "FAANG 2.0" with One $35 Stock

"The FAANGs" have been a convenient shorthand for the mega-cap Nasdaq tech firms that have led the markets higher since the middle of the last decade. In 2020, at a time when markets desperately needed a leader, they were there.

But from a technical perspective, the FAANGs are starting to show a little long-term fatigue in the charts.

And then there's the elephant in the room: Everyone points to the FAANGs as a reason to be in the market – and they are great stocks – but if you wanted to buy 100 shares of each of these stocks, you'd have to fork over nearly $687,000 (the price of a nice house in many parts of the country).

Fortunately, the next group of market leaders is out there right now, going more or less under everyone's radar.

I'm not sure how much longer they'll stay there, though – performance like this tends to get noticed. Tech stocks grew by around 45% in 2020, but the ones we'll talk about in a second shot up 147%.

I think we're just getting started here… Full Story