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Why ZM, PTON, and ETSY Are Great Bargains Right Now

Thanks to this week’s Vaccine Jump, nearly every segment of the market was in the green except one: the big “Pandemic Stocks” like Zoom, Clorox, Peloton, and the like.

While these “Pandemic Stocks” will naturally be marginalized once normality returns, it’s not happening anytime soon.

So don’t run with the crowd on this because these emotionally-driven selloffs are handing us a rare profit opportunity….


Trading Strategies

The Perfect Stocks to Own When You Just Don't Know

On Wall Street, they live and die on information; fortunes are made and lost depending on the quality and timeliness of the intel. Traders – good ones – are some of the most clued-up people around.

So what happens when we're in a situation where there just isn't enough information yet?

Because at this point, we really don't know who's going to win the election. We've got polls, predictions, pundits – all of it sorta-kinda pointing one way – but the hard truth is we really have no idea.

In fact, I'd argue that we're close to the maximum; the most uncertainty since COVID-19 began to spread here last winter.

So what's the smart move now? Well, lots of people are trading volatility right now, but that's the "hot" move, not the smart move.

The real smart money is going to where the certainty is… Full Story

The real smart money is going to where the certainty is...


Take a Profitable “Strategic Break” from Trading with These Three Plays

Right now, the most popular trade is betting on uncertainty due to the upcoming election, surging COVID-19 cases worldwide, and the stimulus standoff.

While we’re well-hedged and prepared for what’s coming, not running with the crowd will hand us the real profits.

So instead of getting in late on the volatility trade, Chris will show you how to make these low-risk, but extremely profitable moves today… .


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How to Play Amazon Stock During the Prime Day Rush

After months of coronavirus-induced delay, Amazon's Prime Day – two days, really – is finally here. As we speak, the $1.7 trillion online juggernaut is hurling out deals left and right, and millions of shoppers are snapping them up just as soon as they come online.

Prime Day was, and still is, a gambit to boost summer sales and ultimately AMZN prices during the slow dog days of summer.

But just check out these numbers from Internet Retailer: For the 48-hour Prime Day period in 2019, Amazon sold more than 175 million products worth $7.16 billion – 68% of which came out of Amazon's own inventory, as opposed to others' "Marketplace" sales.

Prime Day has gotten so big it's starting to "spill over" – other retailers are doing a brisk online business with deals of their own, making it kind of an Internet-wide shopping holiday.

Now, investors have to be watching this and thinking, "Hmm… sounds good to me! Maybe I should throw some shares of AMZN in my 'shopping cart.'"

On the surface of it, it does sound good, but not so fast: There's a right time and a right way to go about putting on or adding to an Amazon position.

Here it is… Full Story

Here it is...

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I Found a Bear Market Hiding in the Weirdest Place - Here's How to Profit

Tech stocks have been the most celebrated of this pandemic year.

It's been tech that's kept us connected to friends, family, and colleagues. It's kept some of us working, and it's helped some of us find work. Tech has kept us clothed and fed.

I'd go so far as to say modern tech has been the glue that's helped hold the country together since March.

Ultimately, it'll be technology that gets us a vaccine or therapy in record time, which in turn gets the economy out of this mess and on track to a full recovery.

In that sense, it's really a no-brainer that the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite has been outperforming this year, despite the economy. It took the Nasdaq 20 years to double from 5,000 to 10,000. But it was the first index to reach record highs after the March crash, shooting as high as 75% since then.

For a $10 trillion index to turn in that performance in a year – after a crash… Well, that's when you know it's got the "secret sauce."

That's why it was so jarring to uncover – let's call it – the "Nasdaq's dirty secret." I found it when I was looking at some charts, researching some recommendations for my paid subscribers.

And no, I'm not talking about the current correction underway.

It turns out, there are a few skeletons in this closet. Skeletons that could jolt some unprepared investors.

But for us, it adds up to some choice profit opportunities… Full Story

But for us, it adds up to some choice profit opportunities...

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"September Volatility" Can Be Extremely Profitable for You

Lots of investors fear the "V-word"…

Go to Google News right now and search the terms "September volatility," and you'll see all kinds of scary words like "creeps," "warns," "trouble," "worried," and "flood" associated with it. And those are just the top three stories.

Investors are clearly worried about volatility, but I'll let you in on a little secret…

Every successful trader craves volatility. We need it. Have to have it. We welcome it with open arms; I'm practically licking my chops thinking about the big swings the VIX will see in the next three or four weeks.

It's not because I'm a glutton for punishment or an adrenaline junkie or anything like that. I'm looking forward to a volatile month because the inescapable fact is we need volatility to make profits.

See, "volatility" is just a fancy Wall Street word for "movement." Up and down; great big swings and sub-1% moves. That's all volatility is.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it: If stocks never moved, no one would make a dime in the stock market.

There's something that I want each and every person reading this to understand instinctively: Volatility is your friend.

Say it with me – three times, if you have to: "Volatility is my friend."

And, folks, all signs point to this welcome friend coming for a loooong visit to the stock market in September.

If you're prepared – armed – with what I'm about to share with you, you'll have a great, extremely profitable month… Full Story

If you're prepared - armed - with what I'm about to share with you, you'll have a great, extremely profitable month...