The Green Tragedy… and Red Momentum

Dear Fellow Expat: This morning’s CPI reading didn’t surprise anyone except for Paul Krugman. The embarrassing (but never embarrassed) economist has said over the last few months that inflation is falling. The same message goes for sycophants who are: Protecting their political asses. Doing all they can to deflect from the inflation they caused by […]

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Jerome Powell Can’t Explain Inflation – Here’s Why

Dear Fellow Expat, What does the Federal Reserve do? That’s a basic question we must understand. The central bank has two jobs as its so-called “dual mandate”: to pursue maximum U.S. employment and ensure price stability. Ignore maximum employment for now. Today’s unemployment rate is cooked worse than your least favorite aunt’s Thanksgiving dinner. The […]

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It’s Time to Question the “Soft Landing” … How to Prepare

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” – Sir Winston Churchill If you’ve listened to any kind of news over the past several months, you’ve likely heard the term “soft landing” thrown around. That hope that we’ll exit this Federal Reserve rate-hiking cycle without entering a destructive recession. It’s a […]

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The Best Stock Traders in Congress Win (Big) Again!

Postcards from the florida republic An independent and profitable state of mind.   As you know, I love to follow insider buying activity – and the momentum it generates. When we talk about insiders buying stocks, we’re focused on the CEOs, CFOs, and the “10%-owners” in the organization, among others. Historically, executives who buy their […]

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What My Kid Gets About Inflation That No One Else Does

Postcards from the florida republic An independent and profitable state of mind.   Who's ready for war? Inflation hit the Baldwin household hard this time. This week, my daughter received a “KiwiCo” box, a monthly subscription service that teaches children scientific- and nature-based lessons. In previous months, we made cars and learned about tire treads. […]

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Here’s Why Inflation Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better (If It Ever Does)

Postcards from the florida republic: An independent and profitable state of mind. Forget the “dual mandate” you learn about in high school social studies – the entire purpose of the Federal Reserve is to hide the very inflation they influence. For roughly 17 years, the Fed never openly admitted it engaged in “inflation targeting” starting […]

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