One of the Best SPAC Stocks Is a Steal Right Now

While Square and PayPal get all the attention, an under the radar fintech company could be one of the biggest winners of the economy re-opening this year.

I’m not talking about a small company either.

This company processed more than $44 billion in transaction volume in 2020 and plans to almost double that by 2022.

It’s projected to grow its revenue 25% just this year.

The best part is, the SPAC is trading close to its NAV, making this a prime buying opportunity.


While the financials of the SPAC deal make this an exciting opportunity, what’s really fueling the fire is the company itself...

Market Crash

The One Market Crash Sign to Watch Right Now

After a record runup in stock prices amid the pandemic, stocks are starting to hit a rough patch.

The Nasdaq hit its record high on Feb.

12, but less than a month later it's trending into the red on the year.

With stocks soaring to record highs amid the economic chaos caused by the coronavirus, investors are rightly anxious that stocks could tumble back down in a hurry.

Stocks have been up and down thanks to rising bond yields over the last few weeks.

But a bit of bad news about the pandemic or a more hawkish stance by the Fed could send stocks reeling.

But you don't have to fly blind here.

There's a market crash signal you can watch to help make decisions about your portfolio.

Of course, indicators like these are a dime a dozen. We'll show you a few popular signs and why they aren't as reliable as they may seem, then we'll show you how to use a simpler method.


The Best Travel Stocks to Buy in 2021: Airbnb or Hotel Stocks?

The travel recovery is coming, and it's going to be explosive.

As the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations continues to accelerate, demand for travel-related services is growing.

People are going to want to get out and about once again.

It will be a much-needed relief for the travel industry.

One of the most intriguing debates among investors is whether Airbnb stock or hotel stocks are a better play here.

Airbnb offers the tantalizing growth of a startup, while hotels are tried and true businesses.

The pandemic hurt each business in unique ways and their recovery could be different too.

To help you find which travel stock makes the most sense for your money, we're digging into Airbnb, Marriot, and Hilton to see which of these makes the best stock to buy...


Otonomo Stock Is the Pick-and-Shovel Play for Connected Vehicles

One of the most exciting SPAC mergers happening now is bringing Otonomo stock public.

While there has been a big focus on electric vehicles, charging companies, and autonomous technologies, I wanted to take a step back and think about what kind of companies can really benefit from all the changes happening in the automotive space.

Data is like oil and Otonomo is at the center of it all.

Find out how to play this breakthrough deal...


Cathie Wood’s Shopping List for the Tech Stock Sell-Off  

By now almost every investor knows the name Cathie Wood.

She runs ARK Funds, the largest actively traded ETF, and her trades have almost reached cult status as billions flow into her funds.

They recently reached the $50 billion milestone.

In South Korea, retail investors have even given her the nickname "Money Tree." Her funds have gotten so large that in many cases she owns more than 10% of a company's outstanding shares, an impressive feat for even the biggest fund managers.

And the fact that many of her funds are up over 200% since the lows in March of 2020, easily outpacing the broader markets, hasn't hurt either.

In short, when she makes trades, people follow.

To help our readers find out which stocks Cathie Wood is buying that deserve a spot in your portfolio, we've put together a list of our three favorite ARK stocks you can own at a discount...


A Short-Squeeze Stock to Trade in March 2021

The short-squeeze stock trade has taken center stage in 2021.

While many investors and traders are learning about it for the first time, it's a classic strategy that's been used profitably for years.

While GameStop Corp.

(NYSE: GME) is still in the news for another potential short squeeze, it's far from the only stock people are shorting.

Our experts are digging into the data to find good companies with unusual short interest – the perfect recipe for a short squeeze you can ride higher.

Let's take a look...


The Smart Way to Buy Royal Caribbean Stock

Royal Caribbean stock has become an investor favorite.

And for good reason.

RCL is already up 37% on the year, including a 7% pop on Wednesday alone.

The stock has plenty higher to go to catch up to it's pre-pandemic level too.

That's what makes it such an enticing buy.

But there's an even better way to buy it than scooping up shares right now….



Oshkosh Stock Is an Even Stronger Buy After Its $6 Billion USPS Contract

The USPS finally announced the winner of its coveted contract to build an all electric fleet of delivery vehicles.

The $6 billion deal went to a company you may not know much about: Oshkosh Corp.


Different EV companies, Workhorse Group Inc.

(NASDAQ: WKHS), was hyped as a likelier candidate.

Instead, Oshkosh found out they had been awarded the ten-year contract to modernize the U.S.

Post Offices fleet of vehicles.

This will be one of the most extensive overhauls of the Post Office's fleet of delivery vehicles in decades.

Shares of OSK popped 13%, while WKHS sank nearly 50%.

The surprise news has investors scrambling to do due diligence on the company.

That's what we're here for.

Let's take a deep look into Oshkosh's financials and management, then see if this contract makes the stock a buy now or a wait and see...


These High-Dividend Stocks Are the Perfect Remedy for Market Uncertainty

After hitting record highs in the middle of the pandemic, stock indexes are suddenly falling into the red.

That makes this the perfect time to shift some money out of more speculative assets into more durable high-dividend stocks that can pay you cash for owning them.

That's a tried and true strategy for fighting the uncertainty in markets.

Here are our top three picks...


Best Retail Stocks to Buy Before $1,400 Checks Go Out

A major retail sales report just rocked Wall Street week: People are spending money again.

Big time.

And one more thing.

Americans are getting stimulus checks up to $1,400 as soon as next month.

That's going to drive these sales even higher.

That explosion is going to be a pale imitation compared to the sales bonanza we'll see as more people are vaccinated and the pandemic heads off into the history books.

With retail sales already blowing away expectations and more catalysts coming we're taking a deep look into the top retail stocks to help you find the best to own to profit from this breakout.