Investing in Startup Companies Is No Longer Just for the Wealthy

Today, we're going to dispel some massive misconceptions about angel investing.

But we're also going to show you how you can generate life-changing wealth by investing in startup companies with this simple guide.

Angel investing is still overlooked in favor of traditional routes to generating wealth.

For a long time, many thought that only millionaires or tech geniuses in Silicon Valley could access it.



Why the Price of Gold in 2020 Could Soar to Record Highs

Gold investors are getting frustrated as the price of gold continues to drift sideways.

But this is a blessing in disguise for anyone who hasn't bought gold – or wants to stock up some more.

The gold price has already gained 17% in the last 12 months, and 2020 promises even more as banks around the world buy up gold.

In fact, the price of gold could reach a five-year high of $1,700 next year...


How Wikipedia's Founder Could Take Down Facebook (and How You Can Profit)

It’s happened to all of us.

You’ve been talking to a spouse or friend about a product you need, then the next thing you know you’re bombarded with ads for it.

You can thank digital surveillance companies like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) for the eerie intrusions into your privacy.

But Facebook’s days might be numbered with the launch of a new social media company…

But Facebook’s days might be numbered with the launch of a new social media company…


How This Put Option Spread Can Lock in Profits and Limit Risk

There are countless ways to make money with options, but profiting from options doesn’t have to be complicated.

In fact, it is possible to make top dollar returns with fairly low risk using strategies like the put option spread.

And you won’t need an army of Wall Street mathematicians to do it either.

Here’s how to use one of our favorite options trading strategies…

Wall Street

The Most Profitable Trend to Watch in the Market Right Now

I’m being patient and paying very close attention to a single group of investors.

I’m not listening to price targets from Wall Street analysts.

I’m not turning on CNBC to hear what a money manager is doing with his money.

Instead, I’m looking at companies that have one distinct signal.

And I’m not talking about moving averages or technical indicators either.

I’m simply talking about what the people who know their companies best are trading.



Why Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Can't Beat This Streaming Stock

The "streaming war" is in full swing after Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) released their Disney Plus streaming service on Tuesday, Nov. 12.

But it's not much of a fight for one streaming stock.

In fact, the more streaming services are added to the mix, the happier this company is.

It's gone up 24% in the two weeks since the Disney Plus release.

Read more here...


Stock Up on This Retailer Before Winter Hits

The cold is coming, and the Black Friday and Christmas sales seasons are on the way.

That makes this high-end clothing company the best retail stock to buy right now.

Not only does the company sell the most coveted winter coats, they've also set up their distribution perfectly this year in preparation for growing demand.

And when the winter sales season hits, their stock could skyrocket.


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The One Mistake Every Investor Is Making According to Michael Burry

It looks like life may be about to imitate art. Michael Burry, the investor who shorted mortgage securities ahead of the 2008 housing meltdown and was chronicled in the movie, "The Big Short," sees another gigantic problem ahead. In fact, he thinks it could cost investors a bundle if they're not careful. You see, Burry […]