[CHART] Fresh Proof Contrarian Investing Can Boost Your Profits

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the key to a freshly discovered contrarian investing strategy.

The basic idea, revealed in a Deutsche Bank study, is that stocks in ETFs with the highest outflows are the ones investors should be buying.

It's just the latest example of how the contrarian philosophy of ignoring conventional wisdom in the search for undervalued investments can deliver profits.

Here's what Deutsche Bank discovered - and how you can put a contrarian strategy to work for you...

Wall Street

The Growth vs. Value Debate Has One Clear Winner

It's no surprise to anyone keeping up with the news that we live in an investing culture that values everything but investing.

Nowadays, everyone sprints for the Next Big Idea that can hand them quick and easy gains.

But value investing is simply the most lucrative way to build a portfolio. And I should know - look at my track record of nonstop triple-digit winners since 2013...

Market Correction

Why You Should Never Try to Time the Market

Many investors are struggling to make sense of current market conditions. That's normal… but not the goal.

The goal should be to make money. And to do that you shouldn't try to time the market.

Nobody knows when the stock market will peak or bottom. Trying to time those events often leads investors to panic-sell after the peak as stocks are going down, or chase higher prices to buy climbing stocks after they rebound.

That's why, today, we'll show you our triple-pronged action plan to take emotions out of the equation...