Why to Avoid Surface Oncology Stock Despite ARK Buying

If you are not paying attention to ARK Investments, you probably should be.

ARK invests in what they believe are disruptive innovations.

These are technologies and discoveries capable of changing the world and making a fortune for their investors.

Recently, an ARK fund bought shares of Surface Oncology (NASDAQ: SURF), a clinical-stage biotechnology company.

Should we jump on the bandwagon with this potentially explosive stock? Sadly, the answer is probably not.

We'll show you exactly why, including how to find stocks actually worth your money…



This Options Strategy Can Help You Find a Quick 50% Gain

One of the biggest mistakes options traders make is also one of the easiest to fix.

Trading without an options strategy can doom your returns.

Fortunately, there's a simple trading strategy that can help you find upside right away.

Here's how to do it, including a stock that's currently flashing a 50-day buy signal.

We'll show you that stock and the call options to buy to make the biggest profit…



Why WISH Stock Is a Sell After the IPO

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed e-commerce more than any other time since its inception.

That's created a wave of new investment opportunities, but not all of them are worth owning… Sales skyrocketed as brick-and-mortar stores took their business online using platforms like Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY), Chewy (NYSE: CHEWY) and Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN).

People's buying habits changed forever.

That is why I want to talk to you about one of the most recent e-commerce companies to go public, ContextLogic (NASDAQ: WISH), the operator of, a discount e-commerce platform.



The Best Call and Put Options to Buy Now for up to 300% Gains

Investors should know that they can use options to profit from nearly any trend in the market.

Stocks near record highs as the upward trend continues, but there's plenty of risk ahead with turmoil in Washington and dire news on the pandemic front.

Investors are right to question how sustainable this latest rally is, but selling your stocks and hiding in cash could mean losing out on more gains.

That's why we like options so much. You can protect from the downside while maximizing your upside potential.


This Top Fintech Stock Could Outperform Affirm, PayPal, and Square

It is amazing to think Western Union debuted the first electronic fund transfer 150 years ago in 1871.

Way before the internet, computers and even the telephone, this first payment was done via the telegraph and proved to be immensely successful.

Today, it's grown into an entire industry of it's own: fintech.

Now the industry today is much more than sending payments.

It's managing funds, trading stocks, cryptocurrency, lending, payment plans and much more, all conducted through apps on your phone or on a computer.

Now, I'm looking at another fintech opportunity for our readers.

It's one you won't want to miss...


3 Top Tech SPACs to Watch

This will be the year of the SPAC.

But not all SPACs are worth buying.

With over 200 blank-check companies reaching public markets in 2020 it pays to be selective.

Some SPAC mergers have been big let downs for investors.

But the most successful SPACs have had one thing in common: excellent management.

As a technology investor, I have been watching many of these companies form and I've been digging into the management behind each and every one of them to share with you what is on the horizon.

There are the three best SPACs to watch right now...


Best Call Options to Trade Right Now for 70% Gains

Many investors fear volatility but without it there's no chance to profit.

When stocks are moving fast, as they are now with the VIX up nearly 10% today, it is this volatility that provides opportunities to make money.

And no matter which way a stock moves – higher or lower – you can profit with options.

We're going to show you how to use one of the best call options to trade right now to make the most of this volatile, fast-moving market.

That's because we want our readers to know that options trading is a valuable tool for almost all levels of investors, from the most sophisticated to savvy beginners.



Why CuriosityStream Is the Streaming Stock to Watch of 2021

Streaming media was one of the biggest success stories of 2020, and that trend is shaping up to carry right on through 2021 too.

This is why I'm focusing on a newly public streaming company that has found a niche that Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Disney (NYSE: DIS) and Netflix haven't captured, making it one of the best streaming stocks of 2021.

Here's the hottest streaming stock of 2021...