One Streaming Stock Just Ended Cable TV for Good

Michelangelo took four years to paint one ceiling in Rome.

One of the greatest film trilogies of all time, The Lord of the Rings, took three years to film.

No, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

And still, that seems to be the entire goal of the streaming industry right now – to build Rome in a day.

According to OnePoll, the average person streams eight hours a day.

This fuels a trend within streaming stocks that could double your money in a year.




Sports Betting Stocks Could See a Major Catalyst Soon

Who's more excited about the vaccine than those who have been locked down for months and unable to travel? The answer is casino operators and casino stockholders.

It is probably too soon to start betting on a full recovery in casino stocks.

But there are a couple gambling stocks on the rise that don't need casinos at all.

One in particular is steeply undervalued right now…



Best Call Option to Buy for a Tidy 80% Gain

Traders have been zeroing in on the stocks hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic and breakout candidates once the virus is contained.

Options traders have been buying calls on stocks in travel and entertainment all year, waiting to scoop up their potentially explosive upsides.

But you won't find the best call options on these popular bounce back stocks.

Instead, we'll show you how to comb through the rubble and find stocks with not just a real chance to breakout once the vaccine is fully rolled out, but are flying under the radar.

These are the real best call options to buy now.



5 Popular Stocks to Avoid in 2021

2021 is shaping up to be a breakout year for stocks.

Some stocks, at least.

A lot more stocks will struggle.

We're here to make sure they don't wind up weighing down your portfolio.

The pandemic has accelerated changes in how we live and do business.

That's been great for some companies, like Zoom Communications (NASDAQ: ZM).

It's going to get a lot worse for some other stocks.

These will be stocks to avoid in 2021.

And we'll show you not only how to find these stocks on your own, but we'll show you five stocks to steer clear of too.



Why Lemonade Stock Is Dropping Now

The biggest FinTech IPO of 2020 lost around 20% of its share price on Monday (Dec.


Lemonade Inc.

(NASDAQ: LMND) fell in preparation for the post-IPO lockup period is set to end… today.

Brace yourself.

It's going to fall further.

If you were thinking of buying some Lemonade shares, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it can work out for you pretty well down the road – you just have to play it right.



Space Stocks to Buy in 2021

Over the weekend, we found out that the year-old United States Space Force members would be known from now on as "Guardians."

While it brought on the inevitable comparison to Walt Disney Co.'s (NYSE: DIS) Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, it is worth noting that Space Force is shaping up as we near 2021.

While still in infancy, the space industry is building steam.

And we now have a few space stocks to buy headed into the new year.



The Best Call and Put Options to Trade Now to Profit in 2021

The coming year is shaping up to be an explosive one for the stock market.

Between vaccines and economic aid, pent up demand is going to be unleashed like we haven't see in a long time.

That's especially good news for options traders.

The potential movement in the stock market form this rally could make for some very profitable traders.

And to help you uncover exactly how to play them, we're showing you the best call and put options to trade right now.



Turn Your $600 Stimulus Check into Much More with This Top Stock

Congress has finally gotten its act together and passed a stimulus package to support the economy.

That's welcome news.

You see, one of the great benefits of these stimulus checks is it's a great opportunity for stock buying.

Not only do investors have a bit more cash to sink into the market, but the boost to the market could create a windfall opportunity for the right stocks.

And we've got just the one to buy now...


Looking for Income ETFs? This Fund Crushes Them All

Everybody's looking for income right now.

With rates at ultra-low levels, the Wall Street machine has kicked into high gear.

They are manufacturing income products as quickly as their fevered minds can dream it up.

These income products will all sound wonderful.

You will hear about various exchange traded funds (ETFs) that can turn your assets into a meaningful stream of commission dollars.

But there only one fund worth buying right now. And it's not one of those income ETFs.