Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks

The Best Penny Stock to Buy Now Could Double

Uncertainty might be a good thing sometimes.

Today, we're going to show you a way to make it work in your favor.

Our best penny stock just got a perfect rating. It's poised for 92% growth.

And it's all becaused the market is so unpredictable right now.

The CBOE Volatility Index has a daily average above 30. Compare that to last year's daily average of 15.

Of course, could take that as a message to sit on the sidelines. Or you could look at this as an opportunity to profit on one of the top penny stocks today.



The 3 Top Penny Stocks to Buy and Hold in April 2020

Markets have absorbed the news that U.S. states have extended their social distancing policies and shutdown of nonessential businesses.

Unemployment could sour to levels not seen since the Great Depression.

And Second Quarter GDP may plunge by as much as 40%, according to analysts at JPMorgan Chase.

Some investors may be nervous about buying and holding stocks right now – particularly expensive ones trading at $100, $500, or even $2,000 or more.

That's why penny stocks are so popular, especially now.

Because they trade under $5 per share, we can tap into inexpensive stocks that have high profit potential due to coronavirus and ride them out until the breakout ends.

Today, we're looking at three of the top penny stocks to buy in April...

Penny Stocks

The Best Penny Stock to Buy Today - 366% Potential

The S&P 500 is down more than 14% in 2020.

But regardless of what the market does from here, the best penny stock to buy today is a 366% opportunity.

Sure, the current dip is a chance at some of the best buy-and-hold socks at a discount.

But low stock prices are encouraging other investors to pursue even greater profit potential over a shorter amount of time.

That is, a penny stock can double your money in just a few months or weeks.


Penny Stocks

The Two Best Penny Stocks for the Coronavirus Rebound

The stock market has rebounded dramatically since its late March downturn.

We have now seen a roughly 50% retracement from the bear market that hit its low point in mid-March.

That said, many investors are still looking for value in the market.

And investors of higher risk appetite still want achieve the greatest value in the shortest time.

That's why, today, we're going to talk about penny stocks.

Our best penny stock today is on something like an 80% discount with the coronavirus crash.


Penny Stocks

This Top Penny Stock Could Double Your Money

The Dow Jones Industrial Average popped more than 9.5% in the first two weeks of April.

We know now that was just a reaction to the 35% it lost from the coronavirus crash – it's off more than 300 points today on coronavirus worries.

As that becomes more obvious, growth traders still need to realize there are buying opportunities out there.

Take our top penny stock today, still with 93% profit potential.


penny stocks

The Best Penny Stock to Buy Today for a Chance at 481% Profit

The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), or "Fear Index," sits above 40 today.

The average last year was 15.

Investor "fear" has more than doubled in a matter of months on the coronavirus lockdown.

But it's creating huge profit opportunities for investors of a certain risk appetite.

Our top penny stock to buy today has 481% profit potential.


Penny Stocks

The Top Penny Stock to Buy Today for 549% Profit Potential

No one knows how long the coronavirus pandemic will last.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average hit a three-year low of 18,500 in the 2020 market crash, down from all-time-highs above 29,000 to start the year.

It's been a wild ride.

But we do know one thing: our top penny stock to buy today has 549% profit potential.

The pandemic will end at some point.

While it's slowed the economy, it's not going to halt major growth industries that have been building for years.

The legal cannabis industry is set to grow 470% between now and 2027, from $10 billion to $57 billion.

Within that, you have the incredibly robust CBD industry growing to $22 billion by 2022 – that's from just $500 million in 2018.

You see, penny stocks trade for under $5, which means they can make huge percentage leaps on broad market moves.

When the CBD industry skyrockets, this penny stock will launch even further.