Seniors: How to "Switch-on" 25 More Years


The results of a ground-breaking Stanford study on human aging have just been released, and are nothing short of astounding.

In the 24-week clinical trial 36 men between the ages of 60 and 85 literally aged backward - on a biological level - up to 25 years.

On the heels of this announcement eight of leading medical facilities around the country are now accelerating their own clinical trials for this Nobel Prize-winning discovery.

Their research focuses on a human "immortality gene" that can be switched on like a lamp with the right concoction of drugs - instantly reversing decades of aging and allow our bodies to return to the health and vitality we had in our 30s.

According to a ground-breaking investigation by Silicon Valley venture capitalist and biotech advisor Michael Robinson, this amazing new treatment could be available to nearly every American within 24 months.

Take a few moments to watch the investigation below and find out exactly what these breakthroughs could mean for you and your loved ones.

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