Top Russian Official Reveals Their Attack Plan on America


Konstantin Sivkov explains how Russia would attack America using nuclear weapons.

Russia and the United States have had contentious relations since the Soviet-era, but leaked information regarding future Russian attacks just made things significantly worse.

Konstantin Sivkov, the President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems in Moscow, told a Russian trade newspaper an increase in military weapons was needed against America. His reason was the West "moving to the borders of Russia."

Sivkov believes NATO is attempting to create an advantage over his country. The only way to combat the problem, according to Sivkov, is to attack America's vulnerabilities to ensure "complete destruction of the enemy."

He believes Russia can amass the needed arsenal of weapons in just five years. Sivkov accused American politicians of several crimes, including causing the deaths of over a million people in Iraq. In his view, destroying America's military forces is the only way to hold the country accountable.

But a military attack may not be the worst of America's problems. Russian hackers invaded the State Department's e-mail system for much of the past year. Federal law enforcement officials described the cyberattack as the "worst ever" against a federal agency.

The same Russian hackers are suspected of penetrating the White House's e-mail system. Officials say these breaches pose major security risks.

James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, told a Senate hearing last month that the "Russian cyber threat is more severe than we have previously assessed."

In addition, Russian hackers stole 1.2 billion usernames and passwords in a series of internet heists. The hack affected 420,000 websites. Officials believe the stolen information will help the hackers engineer other crimes.

Jim Rickards, the CIA's Financial Threat Advisor, has stepped forward with information regarding a more dangerous attack from Russia. This onslaught is directly impacting millions of American's bank accounts without them even knowing it.

The Russian government has begun dumping U.S. treasuries in an attempt to disrupt the American economy. The intelligence community is referring to this act as economic terrorism.

"We know the Russians and Chinese are working together. So is it any surprise that when the Russians started dumping... the Chinese started dumping also?" Rickards said.

Rickards joined the CIA after 9/11 to investigate insider trading. He built a system using price signals called "Project Prophecy," which thwarted a terrorist attack in 2006.

Along with his CIA responsibilities, Jim Rickards has spent more than three decades on Wall Street as a leading international investment banker and hedge fund manager, and as the architect behind the technology nicknamed "the brains" of the NASDAQ.

"Believe it or not, there's an intelligence unit inside the Treasury. And they actually have a war room. That tells you that financial warfare is here and it's real," Rickards said.

In the interview below, Jim Rickards discloses strategies the intelligence community recommends to take in order to save your family's bank account.