The Money Morning Exclusive Interview with Jim Rickards

The CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor
Many Inside the U.S. Intelligence Community Fear a Single Flashpoint Could Soon Sink America Into...



This is the Crime of the Century

Dear Concerned American,

After 9/11, I was tasked by the CIA with creating a system that essentially predicted the future.

That's why it was called Project Prophecy.

While much of my work is classified, I can tell you that on August 7, 2006 Prophecy's system uncovered warning signs of an impending terrorist attack.

Three days later in London, a plot to blow up 10 U.S. passenger jets was thwarted. And 24 Pakistani extremists were arrested.

In 2007, my system spotted a fast-approaching crash in our real estate and stock markets.

When I presented my findings to Treasury officials they ignored my warnings that a recession was near.

And we know what happened next.

I will not let this happen again.

Prophecy's system has now detected warning signs of an imminent $100 trillion implosion of our banking system, financial markets, and economy.

And many across the U.S. Intelligence Community have secretly begun preparing for a 25-year period of bedlam that will soon overtake America.

But our government is intentionally keeping you in the dark about everything that is about to take place.

This is the crime of the century.

And you deserve to know the truth.

So I'm going public with the real story.

And I'm going to help you stay safe during these dangerous times ahead.

Jim Rickards
Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor
CIA & The Director of National Intelligence

6 Economic Extinction-Level Events That Will Strike America

Our Findings Predict This Will Begin Within 6 Months

Event 1 A "Black Swan" 70% stock market crash will detonate a digital bomb on Wall Street.
Event 2 Over half of all U.S. banks, including the Federal Reserve will collapse, eradicating the life savings of millions in the blink of an eye.
Event 3 As the credit market is decimated, a chain reaction of business failures will cause unemployment to reach levels not seen since the Great Depression.
Event 4 China and Russia will prey on our weakness by using cyber-warfare to steal our private information and sensitive financial data.
Event 5 World governments will deliver a deathblow to our economy by dumping their Treasury holdings, as they lose faith in our ability to restore order.
Event 6 The IMF will act quickly to replace our dollar as the world's reserve currency.

What Will Life in America Be Like?

Riots, looting, and violent crime will overtake once safe neighborhoods and thriving cities.

21st century "Hoovervilles" will appear across America.

Martial law will be enacted, personal freedoms will disappear, and militarized police forces will swarm our streets in a futile attempt to control the chaos.

This is Your Wake Up Call!

You Are NOT Helpless

I realize what I'm describing is frightening. And that's because it is.

America overextended its empire. We paid for never ending wars and overreaching social programs with debt and imaginary money.

And now our chickens have come home to roost. This is the reality we live in.

Those who ignore it risk losing everything.

You took part in today's interview, because you refuse to be a victim.

You want to face this crisis head on and conquer it. And you can.

I'm going to show you how.

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  • Sid Riggs, a leader in small cap investing.
  • Ernest Tremblay, a veteran of the bioscience sector.
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