Don't Let the Government Lock You Out of the Best Investment Opportunities on April 10

As you might imagine, I work with a lot of numbers in my capacity as Chief Investment Strategist, so I'm pretty jaded when it comes to using statistics to make a point. But every once in a while I come across something that stops me in my tracks.

Like the following data from Bankrate on the state of the American Dream:

...six in 10 Americans do not have enough savings to cover an unplanned $500 expenditure

...and of the 41% who do, a whopping 20% would put it on a credit card. Still another 20% would have to cut spending to pay it, and fully 11% would ask family and friends for help.

If you're tempted to dismiss this information, do so at your own risk.

More than 3 billion people are going to join the global "conversation" we're having about money within the next decade and that means huge profits will be made by those who have an approach that works.

My goal is to make sure you're one of 'em.

Here's What You Need to Know Tonight

Think about what I've just told you for a second.

More than 60% of Americans can't write a check for $500 if they have to. That means...

...Over half of our country cannot buy a new set of tires or fix their car if it conks out.

...Over half our country can't buy a refrigerator if theirs dies.

...Over half our country can't pay for medicine they or their children need.

...Over half our country can't even pay for a smartphone.

Think again if you're one of millions who think that "it'll never happen to me."

One in five Americans suffered a major unexpected expense last year, and the cost of that expense averaged $2,782, according to the Federal Reserve. Remember, we're talking just $500, so this means that the typical unexpected expense is 5.56X that!

Worse, the average American household still earns 2.5% less than they did 18 years ago... in 1999!

Chances are you don't believe the government any more than I do, especially when Fed Chair Janet Yellen and her cronies look into the camera and tell you inflation is under control and that it's "manageable," just as her predecessor Ben Bernanke did before she took over.

Housing, medicine, child care, education, insurance... all of those things have shot higher since the global Financial Crisis, further stressing already tight bank accounts, budgets, and family purse strings.

Sadly, that's not even the worst part.

The Beltway Bandits and their special interests are going to do everything in their power to block you from accumulating the wealth you deserve. Sure, they tell you that they want to "help" but that's like asking a person with scissors if you need a haircut.

Case in point, the government is pressing ahead with sweeping (and very controversial) changes that will directly affect your retirement by implementing new fiduciary standards that could render entire classes of investment "off limits" to average investors only six days from now on April 10th.

If you've got a rollover IRA, chances are you're going to see REITs, certain types of closed end funds, and even annuities disappear altogether when Wall Street chooses not to jump through the hoops that will be required under the new rules. You lose.

If you use a discount broker, your fees could rise dramatically when financial firms remove the "discount" part of the relationship in favor of high asset management fees. If you've got a small account, chances are better than average that you're going to be told to "go elsewhere," and probably not too politely. You lose.

If you use highly specific actively managed funds offering access to emerging markets, special income situations, or even the hottest pre-IPO investments, the new rules may prohibit brokers from recommending them. And - you guessed it - you lose again.

Fortunately, there is a solution and that's what I want to talk to you about tonight.

Here's How You Win

My goal is very simple.

More than 3 billion people are going to join the global economic "conversation" you and I have every day, and that means there are going to be entirely new connections between products, services, and specific investment opportunities that few investors have even begun to contemplate.

Huge amounts of money are going to be made by those who understand what's happening, and lost by those who are caught by surprise and left wondering what happened.

Obviously, I want you to be among the former... that small group of investors who become fabulously wealthy by harnessing economic growth, pure unbridled capitalism, and billions of hard working people who want to build a brighter, more profitable future.

Starting with something I call "26(f) programs."

I feel so strongly about these things and the opportunity you have ahead of the government's April 10th deadline that I held a special Retirement Crisis Summit all the way from Tokyo where I was travelling last week.

Thousands of Total Wealth Members signed up for FREE and are already benefiting from what they learned during our time together, including 10 of the very best "26(f)" investment opportunities available today but, possibly, not after April 10th.

Thousands more, though, cried foul after my publisher took it off the web. I've received so many calls and emails from people who want "in" that I convinced my publisher to do something unprecedented.

He put the Retirement Crisis Summit back online for a limited time only to give as many members of the Total Wealth Family a chance to watch it as possible, and so you can learn how to fight back to protect your retirement before the April 10th deadline.

You will have one more chance to access this information by clicking here.

Don't miss it... or your money will.

I urge you to click here to make sure you're ahead of the government's meddling today.

Best regards for great investing,

Keith Fitz-Gerald

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