How bombshells equal dollarssss


What a day we just had in Trade the Close!

Seriously, if you're not already taking part in the fun we're having, what are you waiting for?

Today the market absolutely ROCKETED 🚀🚀🚀 into the close. 

And my Trade the Close members took it to the BANK.

My main man Mark Sebastian joined the stream and helped guide traders through the final half hour of the trading session.

As the market moved higher, Mar suggested traders buy the SPX 4200 calls for a bombshell trade. 

Just look at what my members were able to accomplish.

This isn't every day...but we just had a day like this on Tuesday. 

And I'll say the same thing now that I said then.

This could - and should - be YOU.

Right now I'm offering access to Trade the Close for as little as $199. 

And I think you should consider it. 

But Trade the Close isn't just about bombshells (even though they're great).

We get trades from every expert here at Money Morning LIVE...and I provide more than enough on my own.

I'm the only boss around using the Volume Profile on an intraday, overnight, and swing trade basis. 

And just earlier today, I broke down exactly how I utilize this powerful indicator every day - and how you can employ it in your own trading. 

Click here, or the image below, to see how volume profile upgrades your trading. 

That's right, there's a ton of different ways you can use the Volume Profile in your trading - not just for bombshells. 
That's why it's important to join Trade the Close. 
I mean, yeah, of course you get the bombshells...but you also learn how to use the Volume Profile indicator in your own trading. 
Because just giving you trades is one thing...but teaching you how to trade is a whole different ballgame. 
My goal with Trade the Closeis to make the most educated, well rounded traders around...
On top of making you money.
So take this opportunity to join Trade the Close today for less than $200. 
Because Friday's are the usually the MOST active close of the week...and if it's anything like today's close, there's going to be another opportunity to turn 💣 into 💵...
And I want you right there with me while we do.
And remember...
Always. Be. Closing.

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