How Virgin Galactic Could Triple Your Money by Spring

Had you bought Amazon back in December 2014, you'd be sitting on a 600% gain right now.

Boeing in January 2009 would have given you 863% by now. And purchasing shares of Apple in December 2008 would have returned 2,583% today.

These are incredible returns that could have turned as little as $500 into $3500, $4815, even $13,415...

But there's a catch. It would have taken you years to get there. In the case of Apple and Boeing, it would have taken over a decade.

Investing in the technologies of the future is lucrative, sure. But it's a long-term investment - and why wait to make that kind of cash if you don't have to?

Forget one-day shipping, cross-country flights, and 5G smartphones. The newest technology to hit the scene is space travel - and it could be the hottest, most lucrative investment to date.

And with this strategy, you don't have to wait for tourists to land on the moon in order to see a profit.

In fact, you could see cash the likes of Apple's 11-year growth before spring.

This is all you have to do...

Cash In on Space Tourism with This Virgin Galactic Play

Since going public back in October, Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. Class A (NYSE: SPCE) has more than tripled, up over 217% at the time of writing. It's even topped Tesla's meteoric run. And the reason why is right there in the ticker symbol: SPCE.

The company is in the business of space travel. Particularly, a space tourism business with the goal of creating hypersonic long-distance travel capabilities. And last week, SPCE announced that it had moved its SpaceShipTwo suborbital plane to its commercial headquarters in New Mexico.

It was a move that took the company one step closer to bringing paid passengers to the Milky Way - and one that turned the stock into the most traded across the entire market.

Fintech company SoFi reported that Tuesday was both the stock's largest purchase day and that the stock was the most traded on the platform overall. Fidelity claimed that users bought SPCE more than any other stock on Tuesday. And according to TD Ameritrade, SPCE was "among the top names bought by retail investors" in all of January.

Before Tuesday, an average day of trading saw 12 million shares of SPCE change hands. Last Friday, 45.6 million shares were trading. On Tuesday, that number jumped to 104.1 million.

When volume is this high on a stock, it means there's a huge profit opportunity at play. In fact, the amount of money changing hands in this market every day has grown immensely in the past six months. It's turned into an enormous $68 trillion-dollar explosion of capital that's creating the biggest opportunity I've ever seen. Click here to learn more.

So, sure, you could join in with the investors on these platforms and simply buy the stock. But think about this: SPCE is unprofitable. The company isn't expected to make money until 2022. And since going public, it has yet to report quarterly financial earnings.

It could take years for shares of SPCE to return the life-changing amount of money that early investors in companies like Apple and Amazon have today. But if you purchase a call option instead, then you don't have to wait.

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See, a call option gives you the right to buy a stock at a particular price until a particular date. If the underlying stock goes up, then calls increase in price - and their profit potential, just like buying the stock, is unlimited.

Here's an example. On Dec. 18, 2019, shares of Internet technology company NetEase Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES) were sitting at about $300. One-hundred shares would have run you over $30,000. But with a call option, you wouldn't have had to shell out nearly that amount of cash.

Instead, you could have spent just $320 for control over those same 100 shares. And then, less than a month later, when NTES had risen to $334 on Jan. 8, you could have sold that call option for $9.30 - banking a 190.63% gain in just 12 trading days.

That return was on a measly 4% price increase. This year alone, SPCE has risen 162%. Just imagine the kind of return you could see from a call option on SPCE - it seems almost as untouchable as traveling to the moon. Clearly, SPCE is turning dreams into reality.

Right now, if you want to invest in space travel, SPCE is the only way to do it... in the stock market, that is.

If you take a step outside traditional stock investments, you'll find a whole new world of profit opportunities in startups.

In fact, one billionaire launched a Fortune 500 company that made $147,000,000 for his early investors within five years - and now, we're sharing all the details of how you can join him on his next venture. Click here for more.

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