I Dropped Everything to Show You This Huge Trigger on the Horizon

This week, for my regular appearances on Money Morning Live, the plan was to talk about increased volatility during this earnings season and the best ways for you to take advantage of it.

And while that's an important topic that's at the heart of the success Brutus Alerts members have had over the past year, I scrapped the whole agenda because I have something even more significant that you need to see now.

It's an opportunity I've been waiting years for, and it may be bigger than anything else going on in the market right now.

The time is now to start preparing for this potential windfall, or risk losing out.

In fact, I'm hosting a special four-day training session this week for subscribers of one of my premium research services in order to prepare them to be able to fully take advantage of the wave of profitable trade opportunities coming our way.

I've been tracking the prospect ahead of us for more than a decade now, and I'm going to show you how multiple patterns that I've identified all point to one of the most profitable assets of the last decade being primed for another huge run up.

You Half to See This...

There's currently a massive catalyst for the cryptocurrency market on the horizon.

To properly understand it, let me briefly explain something that's fundamental to how the digital market works.

Bitcoin (BTC), the first, most well-known, and highly traded cryptocurrency in the digital market is a bellwether for how the broader crypto market is performing.

Bitcoins are created and enter into circulation using a process known as "mining." I won't get too technical about it, but it basically involves huge, powerful computers solving complex equations and being rewarded with Bitcoin for doing so.

One of the most important concepts for anyone to understand about Bitcoin - whether you're a miner, or just stick to buying and selling it - is halving.

Bitcoin is a finite digital currency, meaning only so much of it will ever be created - 21 million coins, to be exact.

After 210,000 blocks have been mined, which occurs roughly every four years, the Bitcoin reward given to miners for processing transactions is cut in half.

And as the reward is cut, thus decreasing the supply of new Bitcoins available, demand is increased.

Just take a look at what's happened to the price of Bitcoin over the last three halvings (represented by the vertical black lines in this chart)...

As you can see, each halving has been followed by a significant move up for Bitcoin - and that's exactly the opportunity that I'm targeting.

The next halving is expected to occur sometime around April 2024, but we don't need to wait nearly that long to start to capitalize.

In fact, now is the time to act. Here's why...

A Profitable History is About to Repeat

As with any trade, timing your entry is incredibly important.

While I've already shown you that Bitcoin has huge potential to skyrocket after halving, how do we know when to buy in ahead of it?

After all, anyone that takes even a casual glance at a chart of Bitcoin can see just how volatile it can be - and buying at the wrong time can cost you profits or even lead to a loss.

So how can we be sure we're not buying in only to watch the price fall?

Well, if the patterns I've identified from past data are accurate, I believe the low may already be in ahead of Bitcoin's next run up.

You may notice in the chart above that I've also included a yellow circled area anywhere from 11 to 17 months before the halving. Historically, that has been where Bitcoin hit it's low before climbing into and beyond the next halving. So as far as timing goes, we're in the correct timeframe for when we could expect the bottom to occur.

Bitcoin has been on a solid run up since its lows at the end of 2022, but are we primed for another drop to new lows before halving?

I took a look at historic price data regarding how much Bitcoin had fallen prior to the halving run up.

If BTC had a drawdown percentage similar to the prior cycles' drawdown percentages from their respective highs, here's where it would have bottomed...

In BTC's last cycle, it eventually bottomed in late-2018 after losing 84% of its value from its December 2017 highs.

Based on data from the prior drawdown, we expected the bottom for BTC to occur somewhere between $17,500 and $15,000. Sure enough, the low fell right around $15,500.

As such, I believe we've seen the low for this cycle already.

And that makes now the time to start jumping into this huge opportunity.

As I mentioned, I held a special four-day training session for members of Microcurrency Trader this week to begin preparing them for what's likely to be the next big windfall in the digital market, starting with detailed trade recommendations on the two largest coins, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

But that's just scratching the surface...

Because when Bitcoin soars, so too do a wealth of smaller coins, called microcurrencies, that have incredible profit potential, sometimes more than even Bitcoin!

Like the 393% profit Microcurrency Trader members were able to bank on Chainlink (LINK) in just under a year based on my recommendation in 2018.

Or the 166% gain they had the opportunity to pocket after I recommended buying Theta (THETA) during the last cycle in 18 months.

I could go on and on.

And this time around has the potential to be even more profitable!

So, if you don't want to wait another four years before getting your chance to take advantage of one of the best catalysts for profit in any market, check out Microcurrency Trader.

Not only do I provide members with exclusive intel and hand-picked trade recommendations, there's also a wealth of hands-on training to get you up to speed on how to effectively trade the market's most lucrative coins.

Don't wait. The time is now to jump on board. Check out all of the details right here, and I'll look forward to seeing you in our next weekly meeting for Microcurrency Trader members!

Until then,

Tom Gentile
America's #1 Pattern Trader

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