If You Missed Out on These 2017 Gains, Don't Make the Same Mistake in 2018

I sure hope you're not like Levi L. Or Michelle M. Or even Sean G., for that matter.

All three of these young people sat out one of the greatest bull markets for stocks in history. (At least that's what they told The Wall Street Journal last week.)

All three told the Journal they worried about losing money.

That outrages me.

If these kids had started investing in an S&P 500-based fund since the launch of Strategic Tech Investor on March 26, 2013, they'd be sitting on 70.1% gains.

That's not bad.

But you know they could have done better than that, thanks to all the big gains we've scored here on companies both well-known - 141% on Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) and 127% on Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) - and obscure - 252% on Ambarella Inc. (Nasdaq: AMBA) and 113.2% on FleetCor Technologies Inc. (NYSE: FLT).

And they could have done a lot better than even that - you could have done a lot better than that - if they were 2017 members of my premium trading service, Radical Technology Profits. There we regularly beat the market by buying cutting-edge tech winners that I've personally selected.

In fact, we scored two triple-digit gains - and made two free trades - last week alone. (To find out how to join us at Radical Technology Profits right away, just click here.)

In 2017, we bagged triple-digit profits in a matter of days on select bonus options trades. And we racked up a 10-bagger with a tiny cryptocurrency most folks are just learning about now.

With that in mind, let's take a moment today to take a look at some of the big wins Rad Tech members made last year.

You see, these big wins are just a taste of the home runs we'll be hitting in 2018.

And I want you to know how to join us...

Small Caps... Cryptos... Options... and More

Now then, let me be clear on one thing. Rad Tech is a premium service designed for more advanced investors and traders.

It's not for everyone.

But for those who do choose to join us, it's been very profitable.

We made several bonus options plays that doubled our money literally in just a few days.

I also gave Rad Tech members early access to my top cryptocurrency play of 2017. When I recommended this major competitor to Bitcoin back on May 3, it was trading for well under $100 - and we recently saw peak gains of 1,305%.

That said, this high-profit service is mostly geared to crushing the market with small-cap high-tech winners. We have a consistently strong track record, as you'll see from these four Rad Tech 2017 market crushers.

Take a look...
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2017 Market Crusher No. 1. The Cosmetic Surgery Pioneer: 160% Profits

This provider of medical aesthetic technology was a true stealth play. Its shares quietly rose, month after month - and went on to amass a huge yearly return.

This powerful medtech firm has always been a steady grower. As I predicted in late 2016, the firm was in the midst of a growth spurt that would likely help profits to more than double in 2017.

As it turns out, the company likely boosted profits by nearly 300% in 2017. And profit growth should remain strong in 2018 as well, helping shares to reach new all-time highs.

While Rad Tech members locked in a 106% gain for 50% of our stake in August, we have continued to rack up even more gains for the free shares that we still hold.

2017 Market Crusher No. 2. The Mobile Payment Maestro: 151% Profits

This fintech firm simply caught Wall Street off guard.

The road to wealth is paved by tech, and Michael's Strategic Tech Investor puts you on the fast track to investing success with analysis, stock picks, and strategies that can double, triple – even quadruple your money quicker than any other sector on earth. Just click here to get started – it's absolutely free.

When I recommended the stock in summer 2016, the company was coming off a tepid quarter. And most mainstream analysts thought the firm had very limited growth prospects.

Not only were they far too bearish back then, but they continue to underestimate this firm. Fact is, this fast-moving mobile-payments leader has topped profit forecasts by an average 166% over the past four quarters.

Make no mistake. This winner has only begun to tackle its massive market opportunity. It is rolling out new services each quarter, leading to higher sales with virtually every single one of its clients. We're looking for sales and profit growth of at least 30% in 2018.

While shares have recently taken a hit due to profit taking, the 162% one-year return is nothing short of amazing. And I think our shares will move back to - and pierce - recent highs as 2018 unfolds.

Plus, it's another example of the power of taking a free trade in which you get all your original money back and then play with the house's money - we locked in a 101% gain for 50% of our stake last May. We have continued to rack up even more gains for the "free" shares we still hold, which are now up roughly 315%.

2017 Market Crusher No. 3. The Cortisol "Cure": 145.4% Profits

While many investors watch Big Pharma, at Rad Tech, we focus on fast-moving, small-cap biotechs.

For example, this $2.37 billion market-cap biotech has a niche focus on hormone drugs that control cortisol, a key marker for stress. And it's delivering rock-solid returns.

This firm's sales likely doubled in 2017, to around $160 million. And its profits likely surged around 500%.

Now, it's also positioned to post some of the strongest growth rates in the drug sector in 2018 as well. I'm looking for sales to rise 50% and for profits to more than double, approaching $1 a share.

We locked in a 115% gain for 50% of our stake in this exciting leader in September. Shares weakened a few weeks ago but have since bounced back - and we're up 139% on our free shares.

2017 Market Crusher No. 4. The Gentech Innovators: 94% Profits in Six Months

We bought shares of this groundbreaking gene-editing firm in July.

At the time, the sector and this stock were greatly out of favor. But I told Rad Tech members not to worry - that this leader had great technology and would bust out of the gates

And that's exactly how events played out. The stock soared 94% in the second half of 2017. Even better, just last week we took a free trade on half our holdings as they hit returns of 112%.

I believe this cutting-edge genetics play has unlimited potential. This tech promises to cure a wide range of diseases because it allows us to actually "edit" the genes that cause them.

When you add it all up and look at the kinds of big scores Rad Tech members make, you should quickly see that this service pays for itself after just a few trades.

If you're interested in joining us, click here.

That way I can really help you build your net worth by carefully selecting high-tech winners that consistently deliver triple-digit earnings.

However, if these sorts of fast-moving, high-risk/high-reward plays aren't for you, I understand.

Some folks like to establish their wealth over a number of years - with very little risk.
If that applies to you, don't worry. I'll keep giving you the technology investing tips, tactics, and strategies you need to get on the road to wealth here in our twice-weekly chats.

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