I'm teaching my son to day trade and he's already had incredible success

If you didn't know this, I have a son.

And he's a student right now at James Madison University, working to finish his undergrad.

He's home for the summer now. But instead of doing what normal kids do in their off months, I'm putting him to work.

He was interested in doing what I do, so I figured I'd give him a crash course on day trading and trading around the VWAP.

Last week, he was just sitting behind me, and learning...

But this week he's getting his hands dirty and making trades with real money.

And wouldn't you know it, he's actually a natural!

I know I know... he's only been at it for two days.

But both yesterday and today were profitable days for him.

And you know what his secret is?

He sticks to what works.

He took two names today in PACW and DKS and traded them on VWAP breaks.

Why these two names?

Well for one, they were on my watchlist today.

But more importantly, they had volume. PACW had volume from news, and DKS had volume from reporting earnings.

And that's all you need to trade.

He knows nothing else besides trading names around price.

So when I get emails saying things like Kenny, I'm not sure I can do this. I don't know anything about day trading, and I'm scared to start...

I want you to know that if my son can do it...

A kid that has absolutely no idea what he's doing, but is learning the methodology I teach every day in Warlock's World...

Then you can do this too.

All you need is a commitment to get in there every day, a willingness to learn from bad trades, and the discipline to trade what works.

This experiment I'm doing to get my kid into day trading is already a success.

And who knows, if he gets good enough, maybe he'll be able to pay his own way through college.

That would be something, wouldn't it?

All for just a couple hours of work per day too.

And I'm not joking either.

The day for us was over by 10 am ET this morning between the PACW and DKS trades.

You can do that too if you join me in the Warlock's World.

Just a couple hours of work every day the market's open can get you life-changing profits.

So let's not sit on our hands and just watch while my son makes all the money out there.

Join us today in the Warlock's World.

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