The Biggest Event in Marijuana History Is Almost Here – and It Could Make You $2 Million

We've been talking about it for months.

And now we're just six days away.

Canada has legalized recreational marijuana nationwide, and that law goes into effect Oct. 17 - exactly six days from today.

That means any adult over 18 will be able to just walk into a dispensary and buy up to 30 grams of cannabis. That could be flower, oils, or - in some places - seeds and plants.

And that could make you a multimillionaire by this time next year.

But only if you act now.

Now, there are a few hiccups here - as expected.

There aren't as many dispensaries as we'd like.

Ontario and Nunavut - Canada's most and least populated provinces, respectively - will have no stores open Oct. 17. British Columbia has one store for its 4.8 million residents, and the Northwest Territories will be home to just six government-run stores - about one per 7,420 residents.

But in the age of online shopping, that's not really a concern.

While the start to legal cannabis may be a little slower than expected, it won't stay slow for long. Manitoba has set a goal to have 90% of residents live within 30 minutes of a dispensary. Ontario is working on opening as many as 40 stores. Already, hundreds of companies have applied to be retailers.

So what's the reason for the slowdown, if everyone seems to be excited about legalization?

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For one thing, each province has its own set of rules. And many cities and counties in those provinces have their own sets of rules as well.

Plus, in June, Ontario decided that cannabis stores should be privately owned. That was a smart move - but it did reset the time line some.

Online sales are expected to open huge and surge from there. Retailers are expected to spread like, well, weeds in the biggest cities.

We're talking a country of 37 million people. And a market that - when you add in the growers, the value-added product makers, the testing labs, security, tourism, exports, and all the rest - could soon reach $22.6 billion, according to Deloitte.

No wonder multinational beverage, tobacco, and pharmaceutical businesses are now partnering with, or investing in, Canadian cannabis companies.

As legal cannabis in Canada arrives in just six days, they all should see a significant increase in revenue.

So adding the best Canadian pot stocks to a portfolio makes sense - now, before legalization hits.

That's why, in this special presentation, I show pot stock enthusiasts how to get what I think are the best Canadian pot stocks - and only the best Canadian pot stocks.

With the right plays, by this time next year, they could be sitting on $2 million. That's more than enough to pay off a mortgage, take the grandkids to Disney World, or put a down payment on a new car.

So I urge you to watch this short presentation before Oct. 17.

That's just six days away.

Click here to watch it now.

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