The Markets Are Breaking Up with Trump Growth; Here's Our Next Step

Roses are red,

And without a doubt

Fed Unwinding is in,

Trump Growth is out.

No one knows where our anatomically inaccurate "heart" symbol really came from - there are a number of theories - but one of the prettier ones is that the shape comes from two human hearts side by side, fused together in eternal love.

That seems apropos for the chart I'm about to show you today - because it's really two completely different market narratives side by side, fused together to the point of overlapping. Right now, we are in the narrow space between them - and we're about to head from Trump Growth into a completely new narrative phase, "Fed Unwinding."

I keep harping on market narratives because they're crucially important - they enable us to understand market movement and, from there, how to profit.

That's exactly what I'm going to show you today - so please enjoy this video, along with my lovely hand-drawn charts, which are my Valentine to you.


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