There's Upside Here for Decades to Come

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In 2023, stock pickers have crowded into one trend and one trend only...

Artificial intelligence. AI.

There's certainly good reason: AI has the power to reshape entire industries, fuel dramatic upticks in profitability, reduce overhead costs (like labor <gulp!>), and fuel huge momentum moves that drive stocks higher. 

But let's bear in mind humans aren't beaten yet. And there are two very specific sectors that too many investors appear to be ignoring right now. 

Let's dive into those...

The Market's Ultimate "Power Couple"

While the financialization of this economy continues to fuel big investments in large, unprofitable companies based on the hope of technological advancement... the rest of the world is cornering the markets on food and energy. In fact, they're building entire coalitions around these sectors. 

AI can't replace physical assets like food, housing, energy, and other tangible goods. And while AI will be deflationary, the price of these physical goods tends to rise (in dollar terms) over time due to central bank activity in pouring more money into the system. 

These are the two pillars of human existence. I hate to remind people - while AI could be revolutionary, it's not going to run at mass capacity on the sun any time soon. And it can't rely on wind. The large industrial centers that will reportedly build the future - will likely rely on supply chains that operate on diesel and natural gas. But that transition will certainly accelerate with time. That's why it's perplexing that lithium prices continue to decline - after all, we'll need to 10x production in the decade ahead to have any chance of success. 

Meanwhile, I think it's pretty obvious food demand is only rising. And with governments looking to alter farming practices, things could get dicier in the future for a planet with 8 billion people on it. Right now, we're seeing great companies with strong financial discipline, which literally feed the planet, declining due to concerns about a recession. 

But that decline is a buying opportunity - one we're not likely to see again as population and food demand climb. I look for these companies to be resilient. Don't chase a trend - and remember to diversify in the things that matter... and the things we need. Real assets have real value.

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Flashpoint I'm Watching

Debt Bluff: The debt ceiling is a total bluff. The U.S. government won't run out of money on June 1. The so-called "X date" comes later in the year. What's crazy about this entire saga is that the government keeps saying they will need to cut social security and parks. No, they won't. That's just the government punishing Americans. There is 2.5x the amount of money needed for Social Security and other places. Why can't they cut the very obvious pork that plagues our budgets? Is it because there is an incredible amount of corruption and grift?

The biggest deal yet just went down in the Permian oil basin

The greatest land rush in American history shows no signs of letting up.

This week, news broke of yet another huge buyout - a landmark $18 billion deal between ONEOK and Magellan.

This was the biggest one to land yet - and it's only a sign of things to come.

That's why for investors, this is an unbelievable opportunity because when buyout booms of this magnitude have hit in the past, it's created life-changing fortunes for those in the know.

I'm talking about 10-bagger windfall opportunities.

That's how lucrative these events can be. And I believe we're setting up for something even bigger right now, in a rural corner of West Texas.

The best part is... You can claim a piece of it.

My analysis has led me to 5 specific oil companies who are major takeover targets, as the first wave of this epic buyout boom takes flight. 

All you need to do now, is find out how to get the names, ticker symbols and precise trade instructions on these five oil firms.

And do it today...

Because in a frenzied buyout boom like this, the next deal could hit at any moment.

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