Four Companies Pushing Cannabis Legalization and Your Profit Potential Forward

Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is at it again.

He’s been talking once more about reigning in cannabis legalization.

Late last year, Biden called marijuana a gateway drug (only to roll back his statements after being criticized for that stance).

Then in a recent interview with the editorial board of The New York Times, he backpedaled. Now he's calling for more research while supporting decriminalization.

Like most other pandering statements from politicians, Biden’s latest are just a distraction.

You can’t put too much weight on Biden's or any other politician's comments – especially in an election year. The next time a politician weighs in to the cannabis debate, keep this in mind: Legalizing cannabis doesn't require a politician's approval.

Citizens can tell politicians what the laws will be through ballot measures. And that's exactly what's happening across the country.

That’s why marijuana legalization strikes me as one of the few genuine, bottom-up, power-to-the-people movements to have occurred in the United States. That's what makes it both inevitable – and so very profitable.

Ultimately, cannabis legalization is proceeding, regardless of what any politician says. None are bold enough to make a strong stand against it. And anything short of all-out war is mere posturing.

And there are massive opportunities to profit by investing in the companies funding the most research into the effects of THC, CBD, and the 100-plus other cannabinoids produced by the marijuana and hemp plants.

So, rather than get caught up in politically calculated statements, I want to give you a look at four companies doing great things to advance the science of cannabis - and in turn, legalization…

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Four Firms Leading the Way

I spend all day, every day looking at companies like the ones I'm about to tell you about.

In fact, my team has put together a database of over 200 cannabis stocks. We call it NICILytics, and it's loaded with reports, market stats, and our ratings of these companies.

It's an invaluable resource that holds everything you need to get ahead of other investors. I invite you to find out how you can gain full access to this powerful tool here.

Now, the first company I want to tell you about is GW Pharmaceuticals Plc. (NASDAQ: GWPH).

GW Pharmaceuticals ran clinical trials on CBD as a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy and received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The drug is sold under the brand name Epidiolex.

To pass the trials, the company paid to have the drug's safety tested on tens of people, the drug's efficacy tested on hundreds of patients, and ultimately administered to thousands of patients in controlled studies. These studies required significant coordination between doctors and the research labs conducting the trials.

Now, Epidiolex got approved more quickly than usual because the diseases it was being used to treat were very rare - but this was very intensive research nonetheless.

Another company, InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTCMKTS: IMLFF), is testing another cannabinoid - cannabinol (CBN) - to treat epidermolysis bullosa. It is also testing this same molecule as a treatment for glaucoma in preclinical, non-human studies.

And there is a lot of research underway that doesn't involve the FDA or clinical trials.

Yet another company, Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ: TLRY), is supporting clinical studies being conducted at the McGill University Health Centre in Quebec. Its CBD and THC capsules will be used to study how well medical cannabis can boost the immune systems of people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

As one last example, Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) has partnered with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to research the impact that CBD can have on athletes' performance and ability to recover.

The research is being led by Jason Dyck, Ph.D., at the University of Alberta and Duncan French, Ph.D., at the UFC Performance Institute.

These examples just barely scratch the surface of everything that's going on. Information is also being collected from doctors prescribing cannabis to medical cannabis patients - providing rich fields of data from which further insights and discoveries can be gleaned.

Cannabis research is well underway alongside the expansion of an individual's right to consume it.

And with every state that legalizes, the profit opportunity continues to grow...

Illinois Becomes the 11th State to Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis laws are being reformed en masse: Illinois has not only become the 11th - and second largest - state to legalize marijuana, but the first to do so by way of state legislation. 

That means the medical, personal, and economic benefits of “America’s Green Gold Rush” are appealing to Republicans and Democrats alike. 

One cannabis research executive is hailing Illinois the “Marijuana Mecca of the Midwest,” a hallmark of the rising uncapped profit potential ahead.  

Once the feds end cannabis prohibition nationwide, all bets will be off – demand will boost share prices through the roof. But you can still get in on the ground floor, just in time for what could be the windfall of the century.

Illinois is already housing some of our top picks in the industry, so a few of our favorite stocks could get yet another boost.  

Indeed, the countdown clock to federal legalization is running out… and when the time is up, we’re expecting it to blow the doors off Wall Street with nearly unprecedented infusion of cash. Because the fact is the market potential here is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Experts are expecting a 3,400% increase in medical cannabis alone. And edibles? They could be worth nearly $8.4 BILLION by 2022.

But you can’t go into this market blindly.

That’s where the "The 2020 Pot Profits Roadmap" comes in – and we have 500 copies to give out today.

Find out how you could capitalize on what we believe is going to be a tidal wave of cannabis cash by learning how to claim your copy today… before it’s too late.

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