Trading Standard Volume

Today was an Olivia Voz TAKEOVER on Money Morning LIVE.

First, I joined the morning show and had a chance to sit down and have someone ask me questions about volume trading. 

It's about time! Usually I'm the one asking questions. 

I sat down and spoke with Technical Trader Chris Johnson about Standard Volume Trading. 

You see, there's a difference between just regularly trading volume, and deploying the powerful Volume Profile, or Kenny Glick's awesome VWAP. 

But in order to start off with a solid foundation, it's important to know how most traders approach volume trading. 

Baby steps. We take baby steps. You're not going to become a Volume Queen overnight! But that's why I'm here to help you!

This morning CJ and I sat down and talked about:

  • How to use standard volume to trade
  • Why volume matters for trading - and why you need to be aware of it
  • What about volume that makes traders zero in on particular names to trade day to day
  • How volume trading patterns can lead to potential trades to the upside and the downside
  • How standard volume trading and trading using Volume Profile differs
  • Why the Volume Profile provides me with an edge in the market
  • And much more - including examples!

Click here, or the image below, to watch CJ and I chit chat all about volume.

You know how I said that I "took over" Money Morning LIVE?

Right after the morning show I had my very own half hour segment to talk about all things Volume Profile!

I'll be breaking down the volume trading lessons from that session soon...but first it's important to understand the basics of volume standard volume trading.

So be sure to watch that clip above - and check out my Volume Profile Starter Pack. 

Okie dokie artichokies, I gotta run. The market is calling my name. But keep an eye on your inbox for more volume trading education from your one and one Volume Queen!

And remember....Always. Be. Closing.

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