What a 10-Year Yield at 3% Really Means for Your Money

Today I'd like to talk to you about the 10-year note and, specifically, why you're hearing so much about it lately.

It's approaching 3%, and that's got traders "on edge" and your money is at risk... or so goes the story, according to dozens of headlines I just scanned.

Yet, that's not a reason to get uptight.

When you read between the lines, what's happening is (a) entirely understandable and (b) potentially very profitable.

Here's the skinny...


Key Takeaways

  • Screaming headlines rarely tell the whole story.
  • The 10-year note is important for reasons that aren't often reported by media outlets more concerned with sensationalist headlines than profits.
  • There are three simple, easy-to-implement steps you can take right now that position your money for profits even if the 10-year note shoots beyond 3% to far higher levels.
  • Wall Street veteran Art Cashin has spent 59 years on Wall Street and, as such, is one of very few individuals with the perspective needed to accurately assess market conditions. Which is why, of course, I take what he has to say very seriously. You should too - especially when he makes a comment like the one he did this past Wednesday about the possibility of another market correction...
  • Over the years, gold's been a great investment, but lately it's hardly lived up to expectations. Part of that is due to the dynamics of the gold market itself, and part of that is due to the rabid fascination with cryptocurrencies. Let's talk about each of those things then move onto a great way to play gold today. Perhaps, even the only way. Here's what you need to do...

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