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Gold Price Forecast: Four Reasons the "Yellow Metal" Will Hit $1,900 an Ounce in 2011

Gold investors are a happy bunch. Those with the luck or foresight to have boarded the golden railroad back in 2001 made a fivefold investment in the “metal of kings.” That works out to compounded return of better than 20% a year.

Such a torrid performance has evoked claims that this is just another financial bubble – one that’s soon to burst.

But the reality is that anyone who classifies this bull market in gold “nothing more than a bubble” simply hasn’t looked at the market fundamentals, doesn’t understand them, or has some ulterior motive to throw off other investors.

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Options: The Profit Strategy Behind This Oft-Overlooked Investment Tool

Stock options are a valuable tool for any investor who wants to increase income, maximize returns, and better control risks in his or her stock portfolio.

Yet despite these benefits, few investors make an effort to use – or even understand – options strategies.

Read this free report to see why options should be part of your investing arsenal.

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How to Profit From Europe's Stealthy Resurgence

European countries – both inside and outside the Eurozone – are slashing their budget deficits. Sure, some – like Greece and Spain, have to. But others are too. And here's the surprising reality: Europe may gain from its fiscal pain – and its deficit-trimming actions offer the best hope for a lengthy recovery. Find out how, in this free report.

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Cashing in on Canada: Four Ways to Profit – Big – From the World's "Safest Economy"

Canada is more than just back bacon, maple syrup, and hardscrabble-mining claims. It's a leader in natural resources, precious metals, and such alternative-energy investments as oil sands. In fact, Canada right now boasts one of the world's most compelling targets for investors' hard-earned money. In this free report, find out exactly how you could be making a fortune in what is widely considered the world's "safest" economy…

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