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Tom began his career by studying the ins and outs of options trading every single night in his parent's basement back in 1986. Years later, he had built one of the largest financial tech companies showing people how to trade. It was called Optionetics, and it quickly established a stellar reputation in the field of options education.

In 2009, Tom sold Optionetics for millions of dollars.

Since then, he has dedicated his career to teaching people how to trade. Tom has taught over 300,000 traders his option trading secrets in a variety of settings, including seminars, workshops, and sponsored events like The Money Show. He's also a bestselling author of eight books and training courses.

Tom's personal mission in life is to show people like you everything he's learned in his 30 years of trading. He wants you to break out of the grueling nine-to-five cycle and achieve the abundant life you deserve.