The Capital Wave Wealth Strategy

Put the Capital Wave Strategy to work
for oversized gains...

Dear Money Morning Reader,

The Capital Waves heading our way are now worth trillions of dollars.

One thing is for certain... Investors who are ready will have the opportunity to ride these extreme "capital waves" to enormous wealth. Take a look...
Capital wave #1 could generate gains of 3,550%
Capital wave #2 could generate gains of 850%
Capital wave #3 could generate gains of 200%
Capital wave #4 could generate gains of 350%
Capital wave #5 could generate gains of 300%
Capital wave #6 could generate gains of 400%
Capital wave #7 could generate gains of 5,000%
...a total of 10,650% in gains rolling toward us with the inevitability of massive ocean waves rolling onto shore, one after another.

If you could string all these gains together, you could grow your money 100 times this year!

Of course, no one can actually make 100 times their money this way. For one thing, some of these waves will be hitting at the same time. Not even the highest level pro could time that.

But the fact is, you don't need to. Just catch one of these "capital waves" - for 400% or 850% - you'd make a lot of money. Heck, if you grabbed a piece of a wave, you'd make a pretty penny.

Gains like these would be enough to turn $1,000 into $5,000 or $9,500.

That's why I'm writing you now... before these waves start rolling in... so you have the opportunity to make this kind of money.

"It's The Big Moves That Make The Big Money"

You see, the best traders make their money following one iron law: It's the big moves that make the big money.

A "capital wave" is a big movement of capital that pushes up prices dramatically.

It gives alert traders the opportunity to make huge gains quickly in one swoop.

Almost anything can spark a capital wave and get it moving...

Interest rates changing... currencies reversing... commodity price swinging... insiders start buying... perceptions of value flip-flopping... hints of a default... rumors of a takeover... hidden conditions revealed... manipulation or misdirection by big players...

...or any combination of these factors coming together...

...and suddenly huge amounts of capital are moving in one direction with all the force of a massive ocean wave pushing tons of water before it.

It's easy to recognize a "capital wave" AFTER it's gotten big. The headlines are screaming. Talking heads are yakking. Friends are jumping on the bandwagon.

But it's too late to make big money on a capital wave after it's a wall of water. Worse, getting in late is like trying to surf a wave seconds before it crashes on shore. First you get crushed and then you get dragged under as the spent wave rushes back out to sea.

You have to get onboard just as a capital wave starts to swell...

If You've Never Heard Of Shah Gilani...

How easy is it to do this?

Catching a "capital wave" as it's swelling is easy IF you have "an insider" guiding you... an expert who's done it a thousand times before.

An insider like Shah Gilani...

As Shah recently told me, "When a capital wave starts, there's a huge amount of 'white noise' to distract the average investor and lead him astray.

"Some of this 'noise' is irrelevant data... some is intentional misdirection... some is out and out lies. Buried in all this is the truth of what's really happening.

"The expert trader knows how to strip out the noise... dig down to the truth... figure out what's really happening. He then makes his move based on a pure, simple 'signal.'

"Few investors know how to do this on their own. The average guy is mesmerized by the noise. Before he knows it, a ten-foot wave of money is bearing down on him - and he makes the wrong move. He tries to correct, but only compounds his error.

"That's why I'm starting my new service now...

"Capital Waves Heading Our Way"

"You see, right now as we speak, massive amounts of capital are heading our way.

"This isn't hyperbole. It's fact. Experts estimate there's about $7 trillion in stimulus money sloshing around the globe...

"And that doesn't even include the massive sums central banks have been printing non-stop for over a year.

"But there's also huge amounts of investor money just now coming off the side lines, enticed by the big, juicy returns in the 70% stock market run-up since its March low.

"If this giant trove of cash - like the more than $900 billion recently stuffed into Treasuries - went back into the market today, the Dow could jump to 15,000 tomorrow.

"That's how much money we're talking about. Huge."

But here's the thing, says Shah:
"This money is NOT going into the broad market. You won't be able to buy a mutual fund and catch it. It's going into specific asset classes across the market. And it will move from asset class to asset class... quickly."
"That's why I talk about 'capital waves.' These are highly specific movements of large amounts of money among assets. Right now, I see the following capital waves hitting the markets and I have specific 'picks' and strategies for playing them...
    • First World wave for gains of 3,550%
    • Emerging World wave for gains of 850%
    • Banking wave for gains of 200%
    • Oil wave for gains of 350%
    • Gold wave for gains of 300%
    • Interest rate wave for gains of 400%
    • Technology wave for gains of 5,000%
"My plan is to help the average investor catch these huge capital waves now forming... and make really good money."

"I'd Be $200,000 Richer Today"

And Shah's not whistling Dixie...

If you've never heard of Shah Gilani, now is a good time to get to know him.

Shah's a "trader's trader." He's devoted his life to understanding the inner workings of the markets and making money from them. And he's made a ton of money...
  • As a youthful hedge fund manager, Shah leveraged $10 million into $100,000,000...

  • He made millions more trading fixed income vehicles on Wall Street trading desks...

  • And for more than a year, Shah's currency trading model identified gains of 10% and 20%... every single day month!
But before I tell you more, here's a true, personal story...

I first met Shah two years ago at an investing roundtable, way before "the financial crisis" vaporized trillions of dollars in people's savings.

Over dinner, he opened my eyes to the imminent dangers of "credit default swaps"... "collateralized debt obligations"... and "structured investment vehicles"... almost nine months before 60 Minutes exposed the story!

I thought I knew the markets, but I knew nothing about any of these exotic instruments - or their extreme dangers. And I was hardly alone.

Unless you were on "the inside" and knew where the lies were hiding, you didn't know these things even existed. But Shah, the consummate insider, did.

With our second glass of wine, he leaned in and gave me the bottom line:
"Sell all your stocks, Mike. Sell any long-dated bonds or Treasuries in your portfolio. And be long cash - not cash instruments like money markets - but cash. The green stuff."
Get out of money markets?! I thought he was crazy. Remember, this was February 2008. The S&P was sitting at 12,700, and few people were talking about problems in the markets... or housing... let alone money markets "breaking the buck."

We all know what happened next...

Home prices fell another 50%. Over 140 banks failed and the government bailed out the big ones with tens of billions of dollars. Twenty-five percent of hedge funds closed. The Dow dropped to 6,443; the S&P fell 49%. A disaster.

Today, I count this conversation as a turning point in my life.

If I'd followed just two of Shah's picks then, I'd be $200,000 richer today.

You Could've Been Richer, Too... by 117%!

It's EASY to profit from Shah's "capital wave" strategy. No hunting for a needle in a haystack. No pinpoint timing required. For example, if you had been privy to Shah's predictions on February 29, 2008, you could've played the information for a bundle lots of ways. For example...
  • SPY for an easy 78% gain...
  • DIA for an easy 77% gain...
  • QQQQ for an easy 60% gain...
  • BAC for an easy 182% gain...
  • Citicorp for an easy 180% gain...
  • JPM for an easy 77% gain...
  • FIG for an easy 163% gain...
... an average gain of 117% in just one example in the worst market since 1932! Easy!

You've heard of all of these stocks, I'm sure. None of them is obscure. You've probably invested in them before... but maybe not at the right moment... or the right way!

And that's where Shah's "capital wave" strategy comes into play...
He was pointing me to the "the mother of all capital waves"... and showing me how to play it for big, big money.

We inked a deal for Shah to write for Money Map Press on the spot.

And from that moment on...

Shah Caught Every Wave That Hit The Markets...

Take the insurance "capital wave" building in late 2008... Shah called a "triple whammy" crashing down on seven big insurance companies, including AIG.

He was dead right about all the insurance company wipeouts. But the interesting part was Shah showed how to make big money on these big moves...
  • Shah's 379% Forecast for Hartford Financial Services Group... It was sitting at a 3-year low, and no one gave it much hope. Except Shah, who tuned out the "white noise" and saw the wave of capital fast approaching. He predicted a 379% gain.
In just over a month, Hartford popped more than three times (200%). In about 11 months, it had climbed steadily six times (500%). And still today it's holding at five times (400%) where it was when Shah made his (conservative) call.
You could've turned $1,000 into $6,000 - plus dividends!
  • Shah's 182% Forecast for Aetna, Inc... Aetna was sitting at a 3-year low and had just reported a 44% decline in third-quarter net income. Again, Shah dug through the "white noise" distracting most investors and called for a 182% gain.
In just over two months, the stock popped 72%. And these gains have held steady until today. It wasn't the gain Shah expected, but...
You could've turned every $1,000 into $1,720 - plus dividends!
  • Shah's 72% Forecast for Cigna CP... Cigna was another insurance company sitting in a 3-year trough. They'd just posted a 53% drop in the third quarter and were hemorrhaging policyholders. But Shah saw the money to be made.
In just over two months, the stock jumped 152%! If you'd kept it until today, you'd be sitting on a gain of 308%!
You could've turned every $1,000 into $4,000 - plus dividends!
And Shah wasn't done. He pointed us to...
  • Aegon which more than doubled in 20 days... and almost tripled in 11 months...

  • ING which almost doubled in just over a month... and almost tripled in 11 months... and is still holding steady in the pullback with a 33% gain.
Caught The Commercial Real
Estate "Capital Wave"...

In late 2008, commercial real estate was sinking fast... a "Humpty Dumpty waiting to crack open." But Shah pointed to stocks where you could make big money on this big move...
  • Gramercy Capital Corp... which, as he predicted, sank to mere cents ($0.43 to be exact) and would have gained you 81.6% had you used Shah's "capital wave" strategy to stay nimble and play the down side.

  • SL Green Realty Corp... which suffered "billions of dollars in losses" and sank from $36 to $8.69, surpassing even Shah's prediction. But with his "capital wave" strategy, you could have picked up a tidy 75.9% on this "bad" news.
That's the thing about Shah's "capital wave" strategy. It keeps you nimble and open to gains whenever and however they occur.

Of course, you don't have to play the down side. You can use this strategy just to avoid losses and save yourself a ton of money. But if you want to make money when others are losing or sitting out... you can... in spades.
In fact, if you'd played Gramercy to the downside, you could've turned $1,000 into $1,810 in a few months. With SL Green, your $1,000 would've become $1,750 in even less time.
Caught The China, Mexico, Brazil,
and Korean Waves...

Knowing what's really happening... cutting through the "noise"... is key to spotting a "capital wave" and knowing how to play the big move for big money.

Shah's done it over and over again...

He showed how the IMF's $100 billion, "no-strings-attached" rescue fund would pump up a few, fundamentally strong countries experiencing short-term squeezes...
  • On China...Shah noted a temporary "pull back" and predicted an easy double. His pick gained 89.5% within a year.

  • On Mexico...Shah said his pick would double back up to its historic high within 18 months. It jumped 94% in about 11 months.

  • On Brazil...Shah predicted his pick would test new lows then race to a triple or more if it was played right. Result? It hit 194% - almost a triple - in months.

  • On South Korea... Shah predicted this "harbinger of all things to do with exports in Asia" would dip further and then gain 260%. What did it do in fact? It dipped and then marched steadily up 139%.
Caught The Wave On Gold, Too

Shah's caught the gold "capital wave" too...

He pointed us to Anglo-Gold Ashanti, one of the world's top three producers, and called for a 200% jump. In fact, this "capital wave" carried AU to 244% - enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $3,500.

Lesson? You don't need to find small, obscure, and risky plays to make big gains. You just need to catch the "capital wave" at the right time. You'll make just as much or more with a fraction of the risk.

Will You Ride These Capital Waves Now Forming
...Or Get Swept Away?

And now, it's starting all over again...

Shah's new service - The Capital Wave Forecast - is designed to alert you to the monster "capital waves" now forming... Show you how to profit from every one... And ensure you don't miss out or get swept away.

Here's the big picture on how The Capital Wave Forecast will work to help you make a killing this year. Every week, Shah will alert you to the "capital waves" gathering force and show you how to...
  • Catch each wave as it begins to swell...

  • Ride the wave until its force is exhausted...

  • Paddle out to catch the next wave.
Shah sees lots of massive "capital waves" forming in 2010 as the world's "sea of green" moves rapidly across asset classes at the speed of a mouse click.

Profiting from each wave until it's exhausted... then instantly catching the next one... is the way to make money from the ocean of money moving about the world.

Let's look at the first one...

Capital Wave #1
Ride the First World for Gains Of 2,000%

Despite what you've been told... The First World (the U.S. and other large nations) holds huge opportunities for investors. Billions have been made right here, and that's about to grow even bigger in the next 12 months.

But there is one thing you need to know: This world is changing... big time. You'll never be able to sit back and buy the whole market again and expect to make a dime. Never. Yet if you know how to "listen" to the numbers, they tell an amazing story. They'll show you how to play the developed world up AND down in the coming months for big gains.

Play the broad market, and you'll get crushed. Know where to concentrate your money; be ready to change on a dime; and you'll make a killing. Here are a few ways we're going to play the First World for good gains...
  • Ride the Dollar vs. the Euro for 120%... The dollar's up... the dollar's down... the dollar's a goner... the dollar's future is bright. Nothing is more confusing than the dollar. But there's no need to be confused or miss out on gains as the dollar takes its many twists and turns.
Most people are confused by the "noise" - the "foam" - that distracts from what's really happening. The fact is, huge deficits, inflation, and funny money are going to crush the dollar... eventually.

But along the way to the crushing grounds, the dollar will go through many twists and turns. And THAT is where we'll make money... in the twists and turns.

You see, everyone thinks the dollar is out of the woods. But this is merely a side effect of the financial disease in Greece and fears the contagion might spread to the rest of the Euro Zone. When Greece's financial lies were uncovered, suddenly the dollar looked like a safe haven - and a huge "capital wave" moved out of the Euro and into the dollar.

What happens to the dollar next? If the financial contagion worsens and spreads to the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain), the dollar will keep heading up. If the problems are resolved, the dollar will resume its downward spiral.
Shah is going to play the dollar for a quick 20% in under two months. Then, when the "dumb money" is sucked in, we'll bank another 100% on the dollar's reversal of fortune. He shows you how in your first Capital Forecast Alert on the dollar.
Make 500% On This European Head Fake

"Capital waves" typically surge where the public is NOT looking. One European country looks like it's about to break out of the recession. Don't buy it! It's a ruse. The country's currency is going to crater. They can't refinance their huge deficits without raising rates. And they can't do that because their housing market is worse than ours. They're fast running out of their only export, and their banks are sicker than American banks.

Shah will show you how to make a quick 500% on a small position by betting on reality...
  • Ride Two European Banks For 400%... European banks appear to be strong. But there are subterranean forces afoot few understand. Eastern Europe borrowed like a drunken sailor from Western European banks. So as the East runs into trouble (rising debt to GDP ratios) those loans will lose value... the lies will come home to roost... and we'll make a killing on two picks...
One continental bank in the "safest" country on earth will get clobbered and drop another 50% from where it is now. It got hammered in the US for helping taxpayers hide assets and defraud the IRS. They're consumed by legal battles and private clients are fleeing. But this otherwise good bank will become an acquisition target and give us 300%.

This UK-based banking stalwart was bailed out by the government and will have a hard time regaining investor trust or relief from government oversight. It's paying out huge bonuses to retain talent, but it's losing the PR battle. It's not going out of business, but it will give us a swift 100% in the coming months.
Shah's going to play these two troubled banks for an easy 400%.
  • Ride Two World Giants for 530%... Household names are household names for a reason. Ignoring these stocks is like leaving easy money on the table. Shah is eyeing a couple of beaten-down world juggernauts, industry benchmarks, that are feasting on others' failures. They're ready to explode to the upside.
The first giant, a raw materials and finished product giant, is fueling growth gobbling up raw materials with cheaper currencies and adding manufacturing capacity. A lot of investors got burned rushing into this stock early. But the timing is right now.

Some think this giant is troubled because overcapacity has eliminated backlog. That's what the big buyers want you to think. The truth is, this world-beater is so efficient at manufacturing and delivering, its product flies out the door.

So the smart money is shorting this stock and buying huge amounts of raw materials. Just biding their time. As the economy rises, this firm will be the world's go-to supplier of one essential raw material. Shah predicts a 330% gain by summer... at least.

The second giant is known worldwide as a high tech "paradigm shifter" - but it's not the one you think! This household name is about to launch an earth-shattering "upgrade" to the world's most essential communications technology. Lots of industry speculation about details, but Shah says it's "none of the above." He sees 200% by year-end.

Shah will be playing these household names for 530% this year.
  • Ride This Takeover Target for 200%... This financial trailblazer got skunked by the subprime mess, but its brand, services, and delivery still sparkle. What the public does not see, however, is the huge hedge fund that sunk billions and lost most of it when the stock tanked. So they're determined to see this firm succeed.
What's even less understood is this: The hedge fund can trade off the company's order flow and make money on the "stock-loan" side of the trading business. Customers own billions of shares that can be lent out for a profitable fee and interest.

This massive income stream makes this firm more valuable to the insiders who own it and to any giant brokerage who wants to add solid fee-based income to their balance sheet. Shah sees an easy 200% this year... and 2,000% to 3,000% if it's taken over!
Shah will be playing this takeover target for 200% this year... but expects 2,000% if it's taken over by another giant financial services firm.
Capital Wave #2
Ride the Emerging World for 850% This Year

You have to catch a "capital wave" at the right moment. That's why speed trumps size in investing. That's why emerging markets are about to explode. And why we are going to stay nimble as we play them.

Starting this year, emerging markets will dwarf the developed world's growth. The reason is simple: Their state-sponsored investment structures... large, cheap labor pools... social norms and political motivations make it easy for them to act quickly, decisively and grow very, very fast.

China is the big story here - but we're not going to follow the crowd.

At least not yet. Excessive speculation in real estate and shares is masking weaknesses in export demand. Shah is eyeing a manufacturing, technology, and pharmaceutical firm in China for the future.

But for the moment, we'll be looking to Brazil and Korea for big gains...
  • Ride "The United States of Latin America" for 200% This Year... Is this Brazil's moment in the sun? Is Brazil about to become the United States of the Southern Hemisphere?
The answer is... soon, very soon. That's why timing this "capital wave" will be key to profiting from the largest country in South America.

No other country but China has the same potential for both internal and external exponential growth.

Brazil will deliver one heck of a bang for your buck. But as with most "capital waves," it doesn't pay to make the obvious move.

We're going to capture the lion's share of the Brazilian market, but not with the "over-bought" EWZ. It's already appreciated 100% since last March's lows.

What the public doesn't get is that Brazil exports only 14% of its GDP output. That means internal growth is where the juice is going to flow.

And as in America in the 1950s, when a sleeping giant gets out of bed, it's the small businesses that grow exponentially. That's why we're going to grab onto to the country's young movers and shakers that will become Brazil's Microsoft, Apple, Archer Daniels Midland and GE. Shah sees an easy double or quadruple this year.

Shah is also going for the Brazilian infrastructure wave. This "pick" is positioned to capture a huge chunk of Brazil's build-up for the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016... not to mention the non-stop building going on in Latin America's largest and wealthiest country.

(And since this recommendation is priced in Brazilian Reals and deals in Reals, any currency appreciation of the Real over the Dollar will add to our stock appreciation.)

Shah expects this "pick" to double in the next few months and then rise 300-400% over the next two to 4 years.
Shah sees a 300% gain from Brazil this year... and as much as 600% in the next few years.
Ta-Ta, Tata Motors! Thanks For The 50%...

Things are almost never what they seem. Tata Motors doubled in four months. Since then, it's gently eased off its high, making it a great buy, right? Wrong! Emboldened by a slush fund of cheap money, Tata bought two "crown jewels" of the former British Empire - Jaguar and Land Rover. But Tata paid too much! Now they're bleeding cash, and if raw materials go up and the economy doesn't, they'll have two money-sucking lemons on their hands.

Shah will show you a short cut to 50% on this lemon...
  • Korea Is Worth 600% This Year... Korea is a manufacturing juggernaut. Only China is bigger than Korea in Asia.
But Korea has to import raw materials to produce the finished products it ships to the rest of the world. And its exports account for 44% of GDP.

So, when prices for raw materials rise faster than global growth (as now), Korean margins get squeezed and their finished goods aren't as competitive - for now.

But the coming slowdown gives Korea a game-changing opening: Enter into long-term materials contracts when commodities are down; profit big time on the way up.

So don't get fooled by apparent downturns in Korea! Playing a "capital wave" takes timing and nimbleness - and that's what Shah brings to the table.

We'll be squeezing the last bit of profit from Korea's situation with a cement maker and shipbuilder set to return a combined 500-600%.
Shah sees a quick 60% and then 600% from two key Korean plays.

On July 10, 2008, in Money Morning...

Shah told readers: "Until the banks are fixed, avoid all financials - especially commercial and investment banks. Short the dollar. Short the major stock indexes. If you have to remain long in equities, sell calls on a rolling basis. The Dow is going to test 10,000 and all hell will break loose."

What happened next: Every forecast was dead on. Lehman failed. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley begged the Fed to make them "holding companies" to qualify for federal aid. The Dow was at 11, 229, but tested 10,000 and then dropped to 6,547. The S&P 500, at 1,253 that day, dropped to 676 months later. Shorting either of those two indexes could have made you very rich, indeed.

Easy profits: You could have "monetized" Shah's advice into easy profits. Just by making obvious plays like LEH for a 200% gain... GS for 73%... and MS for 55%... average gain of 109% in just one example as the crisis worsened! Easy!

Capital Wave #3
Ride Regional Banks for Gains Of 200% This Year

Regional banks may seem like an odd "capital wave" to ride, but don't underestimate its power to deliver gains!

The two regional banks Shah is eyeing are primo takeover targets. This means we could make money on them on the way dow. And then, when they're scooped up by distressed debt players like Wilbur Ross, whose company is looking for regionals to buy... we could make even bigger bucks on the stock appreciation.

As with all "capital waves," riding them takes timing. Shah will be watching the credit default swap market so see if traders push down these two stocks by bidding up credit default contracts. Once the stocks are low enough, they will become juicy takeover bait, and we will zero in.

The first bank is a large regional bank with lots of exposure to commercial real estate. If the CEO (who will be speaking at a Citi Conference) can't convince analyst that they're shoring up capital ratios and can't promise reduced loan loss reserve set asides... the stock could get hit hard.

A few insider-ish investors who know its balance sheet well are worried about the bad loans it's "buried" with accounting gimmicks. If time runs out, or accounting rules tighten, instant write-offs could bury this institution. If commercial real estate worsens and depositors get scared off, its stock could drop 50%. Failure is not impossible.

The second bank is hanging on by a thread. Too many bad commercial loans and insufficient equity or depositor faith to keep it afloat. New limits on brokered deposits will signal to depositors the bank is in danger of defaulting and cause them to flee, worsening the downward spiral. This regional bank is headed for FDIC closing unless it's acquired.
Shah expects a quick 50% on way down and then a juicy 150% as these two banks rise from the ashes.
Capital Wave #4
Ride Oil for Gains Of 350% This Year

Everyone wants to know... which way gold, oil, metals, and natural gas are going? But no surprise, everyone is looking in the wrong direction!

Oil (and gas) is ripe for public bamboozlement and head fakes. You have to read the underlying forces to unscramble the lies you're being fed by the powers that be.

For example, back in the summer of 2008, when oil hit $145 a barrel, Shah predicted its drop to $30! And soon. People laughed... but he was right on the money.

How did Shah know oil was going to sink? Did he have a crystal ball?

Not at all. He knew the $145 price was a speculative price (not a supply problem) propped up by oil companies and hedge funds investing heavily in energy.

What the public didn't see was that oil was being pumped furiously and stored offshore in every available tanker in the world.

Shah was watching the shipping rates (as they exploded), so he knew tankers weren't making deliveries to refiners because they were being used as warehouses!

How Shah Trades Oil...

The reason most people lose money on oil and other commodities is they don't realize that commodities are cyclical. They trade differently than equities or other investments.

Shah's "capital wave" strategy is the perfect way to trade commodities because they move up and down cyclically just like waves! Here's how Shah applies his "capital wave" strategy to the United States Oil Fund ETF (USO) just as an example...
  • USO breaks above $70 on October 22, 2007, signaling a strong "buy."

  • Buys the breakout and puts in a 15% trailing stop.

  • When USO gains 25%, Shah sells 25% of his original position.

  • When USO gains another 25% (50% total), Shah sells another 25%.

  • USO goes still higher, but then drops back, triggering the stop.
Altogether Shah's take is 40%, turning his original $10,000 stake into $14,000. But here's the thing: He also took in an additional 40% on the same number of shares as oil continued to drop. That's the beauty of commodity plays!
While the public gobbled up oil and energy stocks, the oil companies were booking billions in profits on both oil production and refinery operations.

So what does Shah see happening now?

The usual suspects are propping up prices by cutting back and crying they can't refine gasoline profitably enough.

The game is to squeeze gas prices and drive up oil so the public (with dollar signs in their eyes) flock to $145 to $200 a barrel of oil.

Don't you get fooled again!

There's a ton of money to be made on oil without getting caught in the slick. If China tries to slow its growth, oil will come down... and we'll be shorting it the instant it drops below $70 a barrel.

But there's more to oil than oil. Despite what the yakkers and head fakers say, the real money is going to be made in gasoline.

All the majors are cutting back on refining, and no new refineries have been built in the U.S. for over 30 years. Producing oil is expensive relative to gas, and sellers have kept gas prices down for fear that tapped-out consumers would demand Congress step in if prices went up. But when the economy turns around and oil breaks $100, gas is going to soar.

And that's when we're going to make a bundle...

Shah is watching two companies fueled by gasoline revenues that will soar when oil starts bubbling. We may get in early to capture the entire 300% we expect from these two picks...

Shah will also be playing USO - up and down - for a combined gain of 80%.
Shah expects total gains of 350% from his oil plays this year.

On July 23, 2008, oil was at $145, food riots were breaking out and gold was at $1,000. Everyone was worried about inflation, but Shah wasn't fooled...

Shah told readers: "The confidence game demands the Fed take action against inflation (raise rates) and strengthen the dollar, but it's misdirection. Rates cannot rise. The game is fixed, and most investors don't even know it. It won't be a buying opportunity until the "shills" are shaken out, and the Fed creates a transparent, well-supervised market place."

What happened next: While everyone (including a lot of economists) was looking for an interest rate hike, rates fell from 2.04% to .15% - a 93% drop in five months. More importantly, because Shah knew where interest rates were going, he could predict the direction of the markets - and make money!

Easy profits: You could have made money, too. Easily! Just by knowing what Shah knew and plucking a few pieces of low-hanging fruit. USO for a gain of 80%... DBC for 107%... and TLT iShares for 32%... average gain of 92% while others were looking elsewhere! Easy!

Capital Wave #5
Ride Gold for Gains Of 300% This Year

Three things to remember when investing in gold:
  • Gold's price depends on a web of interrelated and dynamic factors.

  • Gold will trade more like a commodity (cyclically) than a store of value.

  • The most popular "gold pick" is not necessarily the best.
In short, all that glitters isn't gold. Here's Shah's analysis. Intense public interest in gold and fears of inflation and a falling dollar have bid up the most popular gold stock, GLD.

But any number of factors could cause GLD to drop 24%-40% in weeks.

If the Euro Zone problems with Greece and the other PIGS resolve and stability returns...

If the big traders use "dark pools" and off-exchange facilities to dump GLD while retailer investors are standing in line to buy their shares...

If predatory trading giants force GLD down to bury big holders and force panic selling...

But a dramatic drop in GLD could mean an even bigger rise in a far more promising pick that Shah's identified.

In fact, panic selling of GLD could provoke equally dramatic buying of this stock.

Then, if gold prices rise to $1500-$2000 in response to inflation fears, currency woes, sovereign debt panic, this stock could easily jump 300%.

A sovereign default or downgrade in US debt ratings below AA- could drive gold to $3,000 and jump this stock 600%.
Shah expects gains of 300% on his gold recommendation this year.
Capital Wave #6
Ride Interest Rates for Gains Of 400% This Year

Interest rate movements impact every investment you make, bar none. Interest rates are monster "capital wave" builders. When rates move, up or down, huge amounts of money move with them.

But interest rates are also wave intensifiers. When you add an interest rate component to an investment, it can suddenly become much more profitable.

Here's how Shah sees the interest rate "capital wave" moving right now...

Timing This "Capital Wave" Means 73% Gains

Your timing doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough, to ride a wave to profits. Shah recommended Saks in January 2009 when everyone saw bankruptcy ahead. (Little did they know, Carlos Slim, Mexico's wealthiest man was buying Saks shares hand over fist.) Shah said, "Don't be afraid. The market's already done its damage. Back out now, and you'll never recover your losses." And he was right. By the time he told readers to sell, Saks had gained 73%.
First, interest rates will stay lower longer than most experts predict.

Vast amounts of "free money" threaten to inflict massive inflation on the U.S. But unemployment at over 10% will counteract it, keeping a lid on rates.

At least for now.

But, when the lid blows off rates - and rest assured, it will - we have multiple plays teed up to make a bundle on a move that may surprise others - but not us.
  • Two positions could jump 100% depending on how quickly interest rates rise, immediately counterbalancing the rate action...

  • Banks could be crushed by rising rates - but we'll catch the nifty 100% that others just missed when banks sank and then sprang back for a double...

  • Residential real estate has another 20% to drop. Get in now, and you'll lose a good part of your shirt. But once real estate turns - and it should, soon - we'll be on board for 200% in less than a year...
Shah expects gains of 400% from playing interest rates this year.

By March 2009, Shah was called Dr. Gloom, so Money Morning readers were shocked when he pivoted and predicted a long bull run...

Shah told readers: "No, I haven't lost my senses, but this rally may be the first signs of an unexpected bull stampede. I didn't drink the poison Kool-Aid back when everyone was buying and I was selling, and I'm not drinking it now. But just like then, the traffic lights are flashing - only this time they're flashing green."

What happened next: Boy were they ever green! From March 2009 to the end of the year, the markets went on an upward tear that left everyone gasping - and those who sat it out, cursing their fate. Had you paid attention to what Shah was saying, you could've been in the money now.

Easy profits: You could have made money, too. Easily! Just by following Shah's lead and plucking a few pieces of low-hanging fruit. SPY for an easy gain of 73%... DIA for an easy gain of 70%... and QQQQ for an easy gain of 97%... average gain of 80% in just this example, while others were looking elsewhere! Easy!

Capital Wave #7
Ride Technology for Gains Of 5,200%

Technology changes the world - and can change your world, financially.

Sometimes, overnight!

Nowhere else will you find companies with promise and elegant products commanding multiples that defy gravity. Successful technology products can be manufactured quickly and inexpensively and delivered (often) by another piece of inexpensive technology!

Technology's ability to transform entire industries makes it "the goose that lays the golden egg."

But take heed: Technology isn't a one-way ticket to riches. Tech stocks are heavily traded by "big money," so you have to be alert to the real story behind the headlines.

Technology has just been battered in what the public believes is a preamble to the next great bull market. And everyone thinks technology it's getting ready to lead the charge.

Getting The Big Picture Right Means 103% Gains

When the credit crisis hit and Obama was elected, Shah saw the future in one word: infrastructure. Infrastructure projects in the U.S., Europe, and China would be massively funded to pull the world economy out of the ditch. And that meant one thing: Caterpillar would be scooping up huge profits. Shah's CAT pick scooped up 103% in record time.
Don't bet on it!

Take the smart phone away from your ear and look at the fundamentals. They tell the real story... and a great story, it is.

In fact, we'll be looking for returns as high as 2,000% with the picks below...
  • Two tech giants are going to crash - but the public doesn't know it yet. Their margins are evaporating and they'll soon be kicked to the curb. We'll tell you what they are, so you can avoid big losses (and laugh at the headlines, too)...

  • One company is poised to reap profits from advanced smart phone technology and has the muscle behind it to give Apple a run for its money. We expect it to jump 100% in three months... and jump another 100% before the end of 2010.

  • The second company is about to announce new funding for the final stage development and rollout of a highly anticipated product that will-literally-change the way we all see the world. It would be presumptuous to limit the upside here with a figure.

  • One upstart is changing the scientific paradigm of how bandwidth is used for data delivery. This is a BIG issue in technology. So as soon as this up-and-comer perfects its model, the stock it could rise 3,000% to 5,000% in a year's time.
Shah expects gains of 5200% from technology.
In Short... Gains Of 10,650%... This Year

Seven monster money waves with gains totaling 10,650% or more this year. This may seem like a lot to you. It may strike you as unbelievable. Even impossible.

But as Shah explains, his "capital wave" strategy is what George Soros, Jim Rogers, Julian Robertson, Louis Bacon, John Henry, and John Paulson have done to make billions of dollars.

Shah's Healthcare Pick Bags 156%

Back in April 2009 - when the pundits were still debating whether the bull was real or just "bull" - Shah had his ears to the ground. He noticed a small news item that Medarex, makers of arthritis treatments, had received a "milestone payment" from its licensing partner. In fact, Medarex had hit pay dirt. After researching it, Shah gave his readers the buy signal. Three months later, they were sitting on a 156% gain.
Shah used this strategy himself to build the fortunes of millionaire clients back when he was turning $10 million into $100 million... trading for TSB Lloyds... or running his own hedge funds and his broker-dealer for clients whose net worth numbered in the millions.

Identify the big "capital waves" surging...

Catch each "capital wave" just as it's surging...

Ride it for all it's worth and catch the next one...

One, two, three... this is how these legendary traders made their billions.

Sure, these traders and high-net-worth investors have a lot more money than you or I.

But they didn't always.

And they didn't necessarily know a lot more than you or I do. For example...

The Amateur Who Made $10 Million A Day

John Paulson, the man credited with making the "greatest trade of all time," made $15 billion - about $10 million a day! - on real estate when he knew next to nothing about the real estate industry. He was basically an amateur. You could have done exactly the same thing.

Sure, you wouldn't have been able to amass the capital, leverage, and structured positions Paulson did.

But, as Shah notes, "you could have seen what Paulson saw, and made a killing."

And here's an advantage you will have: Paulson had to figure it out all on his own... but YOU will have an expert by your side every step of the way. Shah Gilani, a consummate expert who's "been there, done that" hundreds of times in his life.

So, at this point, you might be asking yourself...

Why Would Someone Give Up Millions To To Help The Average Person For A Mere Pittance?

I asked myself the same thing when Shah agreed to write for us. But I'm going to let Shah give you the answer himself. This is what he told me...

"I'm a professional equities, fixed income, and currency trader, investment banker, and real estate developer. I've been in the securities business for almost 30 years - and I've been a keen student of the markets and this business the whole time.

"This is my life's work and my life. Every aspect of it fascinates me. And I've always traded for big institutions and the wealthy elite.

"Why? Because it's fun playing with big numbers. At least it was fun... until now.


  • Ran first hedge fund in 1982 from seat on the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, where he leveraged $10 million of partner capital to $100 million.

  • Traded the Chicago Mercantile Exchange's S&P 500 futures contract based on a proprietary technical analysis algorithm.

  • Headed Lloyds TSB's new futures and options division which hedged the bank's multi-billion dollar exposure on the government bond trading, the currency trading, and the over the counter derivatives trading desks.

  • Founded a packaged fixed-income trading desk for Roosevelt & Cross, Inc., which quickly became the dominant player in the $50 billion secondary market for UITs.

  • When the October 1987 crash panicked big players like Van Kampen, Nuveen and First Trust into closing their secondary windows, Shah got an additional $100 million credit line from the Bank of New York to buy back UITs from all the Street's major houses. A correct call on rates that netted a windfall in a month.

  • In 1999, Shah started another hedge fund and opened his own broker-dealer, catering to high net worth investors and traders seeking direct access to listed, NASDAQ and OTC markets.

"The financial crisis was a turning point for me. I watched as people I knew - friends and family included - got badly burned by the recklessness of the puppet masters. The so-called professionals who should have been minding the store, but weren't.

Exposing the "Dung Piles" On Wall Street

"Shah Gilani has exposed the dung piles on Wall Street. A private investor for 20 plus years... I have been cheated time and again. My own government can't be trusted to protect me from the corrupt duo of Wall Street and the U.S. Congress?"

~ Dan O.
"People trusted these professionals with their future. Good, hard-working people, the rich and not-so-rich, got wiped out in months in a catastrophic event these pros should have known was imminent, but didn't, or didn't care. They abandoned their clients and allowed the conflagration to burn up trillions in savings.

"Seeing all this, I knew I had to do something. I knew I had to help regular investors get back on their feet and build a secure future. Launching this research service is my way of doing it.

"But beyond helping people through this crisis, I also have a vision for more equitable capital markets, investment banking, and trading, and more effective regulations.

"You see, the average investor puts his money down thinking the playing field is level, but he's up against built-in disadvantages he's not even aware of.

"Insight into what is really happening..."

"I have read all of Shah Gilani's articles and this one is as excellent as all the others in giving insight concerning what is really happening."

~ Norman T.
"So I also want to level the playing field. I want to help create a new, transparent, and realistic set of opportunities for regular people to succeed and prosper.

"And beyond this, I want America to regain its once proud expertise and dominance in banking and capital formation. I want to help lead what rises from these ashes.

"I've done a lot in my career, and I wouldn't mind adding a new title to my resume: Secretary of the Treasury of the United States. Then, when I travel, I won't have to carry an ID or passport. I'll just take out a dollar bill and say, 'See? That signature on this bill is mine!

An Open Letter to President Obama...

"Shah, your open letter to President Obama shows a great insight. Congratulations. At the core of our problems lie what you [call] "the self interest of entrenched politicians, the inordinate influence of lobbyists and the disturbing greed of vested interests."

~ Money Morning Mailbag
"Am I getting paid to be editor of this service? Yes. Getting in on the monster money wave system isn't free. But it's a far cry from the 25% of all the profits that I would make for managing a multi-billion dollar hedge fund.

"The money I'm paid to be editor compensates me for the research and writing I'll do... for serving wealth builders around the world and putting you on an equal footing with the big boys. For openly exposing greed and corruption and, ultimately, changing the complexion of the lopsided markets that have done so much harm.

"It's time for Main Street to be the dog that wags the tail of Wall Street - not the other way around. If a tide is going to lift all boats, I want those money waves to be lifting YOUR boat."

"The Capital Wave Forecast is how I plan to do it..."

You'll Make Money Every Month

Shah and my staff have been working for the past three months to bring you Shah's "capital wave" strategy in a form that's easy and affordable for you to use.

The Capital Wave Forecast is the result.

As the name suggests, the goal of this service is simple and straightforward:

To give you the opportunity to make money every month by identifying the richest "capital waves" before anyone else... and showing you how to profit from them.

Sound good? Other services or gurus won't make you this promise. They can't. They'll make you money some months, but not others. Some months, you may even lose money.

The Capital Wave Forecast gives you the opportunity to make money every single month - and not just when the markets are blowing our way. Here's how...

For each "capital wave" forming, Shah will give you...
  • Two or more "sure bet" recommendations that grab the lion's share of each wave's profit potential. If you only play "sure bets," you'll make money every month. This is your ace in the hole.

  • Two or more "bull's eye" recommendations that involve a little more risk, but a lot more profit potential. They can goose your gains quickly and ensure you grab all the upside there is to grab.

  • Two or more "multi-directional" recommendations that enable you to make money no matter which way a "capital wave" or "pick" moves. You'll never be caught flat-footed.
Put them together and you have the opportunity to ride all these seven "capital waves" worth an extreme amount of money this year.

So here's the deal...

What You'll Get Every Week...

After extensive testing backed by Shah's lifetime of experience, we're making The Capital Wave Forecast available to you for an extraordinary low fee.

Here's what you'll receive each and every week as appropriate...
  • The Weekly Capital Wave Forecast: The weekly Capital Wave Forecast is Shah's in-depth report on the events and forces shaping world markets. But knowing the truth of what's happening is useless unless you know how to profit from it.
So every issue will contain one or more sure bets, bull's eye, and multi-directional picks - specific recommendations for making as much profit as you can, safely, from every "capital wave." You'll get your shot at the lion's share of every wave. The chance to grab all the upside you can. And the opportunity - if you wish - to profit from both upward and downward moves.
  • Specific Profit Targets and Sell Recommendations. Remember, when you ride "capital waves," you're looking for the maximum bang for your buck. You want to ride the wave until you've gained most of the gain in it. You then sell and "paddle out" to catch the next wave. So your weekly Capital Wave Forecast will contain profit targets and sell recommendations for each pick.
And every single trade will be tracked with protective stops - to protect your profits.
  • The Entire Portfolio Tracked. Every week, you'll see the entire portfolio, every position, and how it's performing. You'll have it all in black and white, in an easy-to-understand format. All open to view.
Let's put this into perspective. As I mentioned earlier, the system at the heart of The Capital Wave Forecast is the same one legends such as Soros, Rogers, and Paulson have used to make billions - even before they were household names.

It's the same system Shah has used for the past 27 years as trader and hedge fund manager to turn $10 million into $100 million and build the wealth of millionaire clients.

And now Shah has adapted this system to the needs of people of regular means. If you wanted to become one of Shah's personal clients or invest in one of his hedge funds, you'd have to pony up - at the very least - $1 million. And "lock up" your money for years. That's just the way the hedge fund business works.

But Shah's goal here isn't to maximize his own gain - it's to maximize yours.

A 75% Discount for Charter Subscribers

As a result, we've set the price for charter subscribers very low. The regular price for this service is $3,500. Just one of the smaller "capital waves" I've described would be enough to turn $1,000 into $5,000... enough to pay for you subscription and then some.

But as I say, Shah wants to help as many people as possible benefit from his "capital wave" strategy and his 27 years as a consummate Wall Street pro.

So we're reducing the original price to just $895 - a 75% discount - for our valuable charter subscribers. At this point, The Capital Wave Forecast becomes a no-brainer.
The smallest "capital wave" Shah's predicting would be enough to turn a modest $500 into $1,500 in no time at all. You'd get your subscription for "free" and have $605 "free" for your next pick.
Now, in fact, Shah wants to sweeten your deal even more if you join us now, as I'll explain in just a moment.

But first, let me share something Shah told me that I found startling...

I think it's pretty exciting, especially if you're a skeptic...

"You'll Be Treated Like A Billionaire"

As we were putting the finishing touches on The Capital Wave Forecast, Shah said,

"You know, if a billionaire investor asked me to invest a billion dollars today and make it grow... I'd do the same things for the billionaire that I'm going to do for my readers.

Put differently, I'm going to do the same things for my readers I'd do for a billionaire who wanted me to invest his money for him privately.

"Exactly the same things.

"And if you don't think billionaires are demanding and hate risk and uncertainty as much as a smaller investor does... you've got another thing coming. "As a former hedge fund director, someone's helped "make" millionaires, I can tell you there's no fundamental difference between a billionaire investor and the average person.

"Sure, the billionaire has a lot more money to play with. And he can afford to lose more money than the average person. "But he's also forced to invest more money to make his wealth grow. He has to. So his losses are just as painful for him as yours are for you.

"The big guys who trade - the guys who make the equivalent of the GDP of small countries when they win - don't spread their money across hundreds of different stocks. "They don't 'diversify' in the way this word is commonly understood.

"They concentrate their money to get the biggest bang for their bucks. "They study the 'big picture' so they can ride the 'right side' of the world's biggest money moves and grab the biggest profits.

"And they ride those moves up and down, so they're making money all the time. Not just when the market is 'good.' Just like the gains I've got planned for readers...

"Here's something readers may or may not believe (at least not at first):

"I'm not in this to make money myself. I've made my money. I'm in this to make money for the reader. I've been right so many times, I want the regular investor finally to get a fair shake by profiting from my knowledge. "And I want to do it in a way that's affordable and entirely accountable."

What does this mean for you?

An Extra "Early Bird" Discount of 80%
for Readers... If You Act Now

For starters, it means we're going to reduce the subscription fee even more - from $895 to $695 - an 80% discount - if you act right now. And this will be your guaranteed price for as long as you remain with us.
Dip your toe in the water with $250 and you could get back $750 with the smallest wave Shah is predicting. Your subscription is now "free" and you're $55 to the good.
I know this may sound crazy. You may be thinking, "Why are they 'giving away' this service? What's the catch?"

There is no catch.

Shah's goal is to level the investing playing field for the greatest number of people. And the best way is to encourage as many of our readers to join him now.

In fact, the ONLY reason someone like Shah would create this service is to help others. He's made his millions. He doesn't need the money. And he doesn't need to prove anything, except that his "capital wave" strategy can help you make money. With that in mind, we don't want cost to stand in your way if you want to benefit from Shah's expertise.

But note this: After the brief "early bird" period is over, the introductory price for The Capital Wave Forecast will resume at $895 during this Charter Member period. The good news is, if you act now, you can lock in the "early bird" price forever.

Your Subscription Is "Free"... Or We Pay You

Second, you get total accountability - and that starts immediately with our guarantee.

As you've seen, Shah's forecasts have opened up amazing opportunities for Money Morning readers...
  • 89.5% on China
  • 94% on Mexico
  • 194% on Brazil
  • 139% on South Korea
  • 244% on gold
  • 76% and 81% on commercial real estate
  • 152% on Cigna (in two months!)
  • 72% on Aetna (in two months!)
  • 200% on Hartford (in one month)
And the coming "capital waves" could yield much higher gains as they hit the markets...
  • First World wave for gains of 3,550%
  • Emerging World wave for gains of 850%
  • Banking wave for gains of 200%
  • Oil wave for gains of 350%
  • Gold wave for gains of 300%
  • Interest rate wave for gains of 400%
  • Technology wave for gains of 5,000%
Even if you catch just one of these "capital waves" - for 400% or 850% - you'd gain enough to turn $1,000 into $5,000 or $9,500.

Given all this, I feel confident you'll have at least one opportunity to double (100%) your money in the next three months.

On $1,000, a double would give you back 1.5 times what you'd paid. Your subscription would be "free"... with $1,305 extra to play with!

So here is what we propose:

Either you have the chance to double your money in the first three months on just one pick... or we will pay the entire cost of a second year. That's our guarantee to you.

It's a win-win for you: Either you gain enough to pay for your subscription - or more in the first three months or you get your second year free.

And that's not all. Just to encourage as many individuals as possible to try Shah's amazing service, we're making it 100% risk free...

Our 100% Risk-Free Pledge

That's right. If you're not 100% satisfied with The Capital Wave Forecast... if you find that you're not seeing the opportunity to make consistent gains... or you don't have the opportunity to play these massive waves... just call us toll free during the first six months and you can request a full refund. It's just that simple. And easy.

Will You Ride These "Capital Waves" To Wealth?

Your first Capital Wave Forecast is just 48 hours away... It will show you how to profit from the very next wave in the making.

If you missed last year's run-up in the markets, you may be a little squeamish about what to do now. I don't blame you. So many investors need to make back the money they've lost. The question is, how?

One thing is certain: You can't do it playing the broad market... or with mutual funds. Fact is, if you've played the indexes for the past 18 years, you're under water. You've lost ground!

The Capital Wave Forecast shows you how to concentrate your money where it can give you the biggest bang for your buck - where the big moves are making the big money. And not get swept away.

We're expecting to see gains totaling gains 10,650% on the coming waves. And we want you to get your share!

Give Us A Try

This is your opportunity to try The Capital Wave Forecast with no risk.

All you have to is click here or call 888.570.9830 or 410.454.0498 during business hours and mention Priority Code WEDIL310.

In the coming weeks... as wave after wave of capital hits the markets...

You'll want Shah Gilani in your corner... showing you what's really happening in the markets and how to ride these monster waves to big, big money. Now is the time to give us a try at no risk.


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Map Press
March, 2010

Rarely has there even been a forecasting service this powerful and effective - one that's already made recommendations that reader have taken to the bank, with one triple-digit gain after another. That's why it's so important to take advantage now of your "early bird" discount. For a short period of time, you'll receive 80% off the price for The Capital Wave Forecast. And you'll even be guaranteed this Early Bird price forever.

P.P.S. In coming days, "capital waves" of 200% to 5,000% will begin hitting the markets. And there after you'll have the opportunity to cash in one after another. And with our "Your Subscription is Free" guarantee, there's little time to waste. That's why it's so important to take advantage now of what The Capital Wave Forecast has to offer.


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