"Energy War About to Be
Unleashed" Claims Advisor to 20
Governments and OPEC

In an exclusive, interview with Money Morning TV, Dr. Kent Moors, an energy advisor to 20 world governments and consultant to OPEC, the IEA, EIA, and National Intelligence Community has made a controversial claim.

"This single, energy discovery could deliver an economic and geopolitical deathblow to Iran and Saudi Arabia, and that's exactly what the US government wants." he stated.

The discovery Dr. Moors is referring to concerns the small, Australian town of Coober Pedy.

Coober Pedy is located in a nearly, uninhabitable region of Southern Australia where temperatures can reach 118 degrees and water has to be piped in from over 20 kilometers away.

Due to these harsh living conditions, many of the town's 1,695 residents are forced to live in underground caves. 

However, this hasn't stopped an international arms race from breaking out over what this town may now control.

Scientists have estimated that 233 billion barrels of unconventional oil are waiting to be extracted from a 16 million acre location surrounding Coober Pedy.

As an energy advisor to the Australian government, Dr. Moors has been monitoring this situation closely and he believes this is quickly developing into something truly historic.

"Coober Pedy is the biggest find in 50 years and the media is completely ignoring it," he stated during the interview.

This was backed up by South Australia's mining minister, Tom Koutsantonis who said, "what we're seeing up there is a very, very big deposit. They think they can extract vast reserves of oil out of South Australia which would have a value of about $20 trillion."

Could This Be The End of the Middle East's Oil Stranglehold?

The 233 billion barrels located under and around Coober Pedy would represent a more than 60-fold increase to Australia's total oil reserves.

And it's the equivalent of 12% of the world's entire reserves.

What that means is this single discovery could contain more oil than what's currently available in Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and Canada.

Click here to view the shocking charts behind this historic discovery.

But this discovery could have an even greater impact on the influence of OPEC's biggest member, Saudi Arabia.

Recent reports have surfaced on the controversial website Wikileaks that have lent credibility to a longtime rumor that Saudi Arabia has been overestimating their reserves by 40%.

If true, it would indicate this Coober Pedy discovery contains vastly more oil than Saudi Arabia as well.

Due to the sensitive nature of his work with the National Intelligence Community, Dr. Moors would not comment on these leaked reports, but he was able address what this all means for America.

Since the Coober Pedy discovery in Southern Australia is nearly six times larger than the Bakken find in North Dakota, 17 times larger than the Marcellus shale find in Pennsylvania, and 80 times larger than the Eagle Ford Basin in Texas, many fear this could impact America's ability to profit from its domestic shale oil boom and slow our overall economic recovery.

As a member of two U.S. State Department shale oil task forces, during the Money Morning interview, Dr. Moors looked to calm the public over these concerns and suggested the US government may have a large role in how this all plays out.

He even stated on the record, "the United States may be pulling the strings behind the scenes here, so to speak, because this discovery is single-handedly causing a bonafide redrawing of the global energy map as we know it."

$20 Trillion Worth of Energy and It's Winner Takes All

At the moment, one company, Linc Energy LTD (OTC: LNCGY), controls the 16 million acre discovery around Coober Pedy.

The initial insider fervor surrounding their find caused Linc's share price to soar as much as 460%.

However, they are a very small player in the energy market, with a total market cap of $417 million.

And after investing $134 million into this discovery, Linc Energy's executives have publicly admitted they do not have the financial strength to bring it to its full potential.

This has set off a bidding war that's heating up between 80 major banks and energy companies to capture what could be a 50% stake in this find, as well as the once-in-a-generation windfall it'll bring.

As an advisor to six of the world's largest oil companies, Dr. Moors' sources are suggesting the major winner from this quickly developing story will be a name most people have never heard of.

He is also hearing an investment has emerged from this Coober Pedy discovery that could transform everyday Americans into what he calls "Main Street Millionaires" if they play their cards right.

Which is why he's urging everybody to get all of the facts immediately.

Dr. Moors has released a free, intelligence briefing on this incredible story and the lucrative opportunities its created, click here to receive a copy.