World’s Best Neurosurgeon: Obamacare Threatens Your Freedom

One of the world's best doctor's is also one of the most outspoken critics of Obamacare.

"The freedom of Americans to control their own health care needs is being threatened by massive governmental interference," says neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

In a Washington Times article he wrote, "Those attempting to fundamentally change America are attempting to take control of the most important thing any of us possesses: our health."

Carson says that the way Obamacare has been forced onto the public is similar to the Soviet Union's treatment of its citizens.

"This practice in some ways resembles that of the centralized government system that swept the Soviet Union, whose notorious founders wrote that it was sometimes necessary to force ideas on a populace that will eventually come to accept and endorse the ideas."

Shocking Obamacare Facts: While Carson opposes Obamacare, investors are embracing the new law. That's because two hidden paragraphs buried in Obamacare will create fortunes for certain companies and their investors. To learn more, go here.

Carson's outspokenness towards Obamacare at a February National Prayer Breakfast that President Obama attended earned him a surprise encounter with the IRS. (A few months later it was revealed that Carson was among several conservatives that the IRS was accused of unfairly targeting.)

This put Carson on the map in conservative politics, but he is revered in the medical field for being the first neurosurgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins connected at the back of the head.

Today, Carson is certainly not alone in his discontent for Obamacare. Ask millions of Americans what they think about the new law, and chances are they're ready to pop a jugular.

Now that the Obamacare exchanges have gone live the American people are going to find out firsthand why the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act maybe the worst piece of legislation this country has ever had to swallow.

Critics heavily oppose the mandate requiring them to purchase health insurance. They're also furious at all the new taxes, fees, and higher premiums they'll be stuck paying, thanks to Obamacare.

Then there's the red tape bungled throughout Obamacare. This will punish doctors and nurses with swarms of paperwork, resulting in poorer patient care.

Perhaps worse than anything, is that millions of full-time workers will lose their jobs

Some experts caution Obamacare will lead to another depression, which is an interesting point.

Here's why...

More Americans became millionaires during the Great Depression than at any other point in history.

The fact is Obamacare is one of the single biggest wealth creation opportunities to hit the markets in decades. That's because huge amounts of money - trillions - will be spent as Obamacare gets rolling.

And trillions more will be reallocated implementing, regulating, and enforcing Obamacare. Not all companies will benefit - but a select few are primed for higher returns on a scale that was simply unimaginable before this legislation was passed.

Investors who act now are set to make a fortune in the next several months - and years - as the full Obamacare plan gets underway.

Even main street investors will have a chance to reap big paydays - provided they know which stocks stand to benefit most.

Publisher's Note: There are two tiny paragraphs in the 2,572 pages of Obamacare that could make you filthy rich. To see the one stock that will receive billions in government money, watch this unbelievable video.

With the implementation of Obamacare quickly approaching, Americans are asking what they can do to prepare for all the new costs and rules.

One expert, Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of New York and constitutional scholar with a Ph.D. from Columbia University, recently wrote a best-selling book showing Americans how they can survive Obamacare.

McCaughey is one of the only people in the country -- including members of Congress - who has actually read the entire 2,572 page law.

Her book, titled Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for Surviving the New Health Care Law breaks down the complicated bill into 168 pages of actionable advice.

The book, written in an easy going, easy to read style, shows some startling facts about Obamacare not seen in the mainstream press.

For example, she points to a little known passage in the bill that shows how you could get slapped with a $2,000 fine for not having health insurance - even if you do actually have it.

She also goes into detail explaining how one third of all U.S. employers could stop offering health insurance to their workers.

In one chapter, she shows how ordinary Americans will get stuck paying for substance abuse coverage even if they never touched a drink or drug in their life.

According to McCaughey's research, senior citizens will get hit the hardest. "If you're a senior or a baby boomer, expect less care than in the past," she says. "Hip and knee replacements and cataract surgery will be especially hard to get from Medicare in the months ahead."

She warns seniors to get some of those types of procedures done now before Obamacare goes into full effect.

In addition, many will find it difficult to keep their medical records private, according to McCaughey.

"The law will compel Americans to share with millions of strangers who are not physicians confidential private and personal medical history information they do not wish to share."


Real facts and figures about the hidden Obamacare taxes and fees and how they will affect Americans and seniors are hard to find. As a courtesy, Money Morning is giving readers a free copy of Betsy McCaughey's new book Beating Obamacare: Your Handbook for Surviving the New Health Care Law. But only a limited number of copies are available. Please go here to reserve yours today.